The Dark Side Of Affairs Part II: Karma

I sent her an e-mail that Monday. It was sappy and ridiculous and nevertheless I asked for a reply and she assured me she would send one. I didn’t get a reply all week until Friday rolled around and still nothing until the phone call later that day. She wanted to discuss something. By that […]

The Dark Side Of Affairs Part I

A lot had happened since the big “breakup”. Some for the better and some for the worse. For the worse, I did something  that I didn’t think I had the heart to do. Actually, it’s something I didn’t think I would ever really need to do so let’s just be clear on that. My ex-girlfriend […]

With My Eyes Wide Shut

The other woman and the girlfriend have one major thing in common in common when it comes to lesbian affairs. A woman who is lying to them both. Not only are affairs addictive, the lying becomes so commonplace that after a while it’s almost second nature. You begin to comfortably do or say whatever is […]

Once, Twice, Three Times A Cheater

I remember the first time I started a blog with the intention of writing down the thoughts that haunted me for some time after my affair had ended. My thought process was complicated, mixed up with emotions, and all over the place. I figured it would help to write about what I couldn’t yet talk […]

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