Semenya Caster’s Back In Competition

Semenya Caster, 19, has been declared ‘fit to be female’ by the IAAF. Family and friends have always maintained her sex to be that of a female. However, at the insistence of the IAAF, and the international sports community, she was forced to undergo a series of invasive tests that attempted to determine her biological gender. Semenya was forced into an 11-month hiatus from athletics in order to “prove” a female […]

On Mel Gibson’s The Passion Of The Rant

So Mel Gibson’s an alcoholic, egomaniac, and a damn good actor with a mean streak. What’s new in Hollywood? Certainly not the violent verbal outbursts that have tapped into the consciousness of his most loyal of fans over the past few weeks. And honestly, it’s not like he’s showing a side of himself we’ve never seen before. Lethal Weapon and Braveheart were perfect examples of […]

Killers & Knight and Day Movie Reviews

Movie review of a double feature “Killers” and “Knight and Day”. My wife and I were having one of those days, we just could not decide which movie to see so we went with both, Killers and Knight and Day. We saw Killers first and by far it was the best. Ashton Kucher makes you […]

Robin Hood (2010)

I must apologize for my long absences from my movie reviews, I must, I just don’t know why I was not going to the movies. Possibly walking out of several movies didn’t help; Steve Carell needs to stop making movies. Enough about my problems lets talk:  “ROBIN HOOD” This movie is about Truth, Honor, Commitment […]

Lawrence Taylor Accused Of Rape

Lawrence Taylor, Pro Football Hall of Famer, and arguably one of  the greatest defensive linebackers in the NFL was arrested and accused of raping a 15-year-old girl at a hotel in Motebello, N.Y., according to police reports. Taylor, who has a history of drug abuse and runs-in with the law, is being charged with third-degree rape, which […]

Semenya Caster Plans Competitive Comeback

“I hereby publicly announce my return to athletics competitions“ Semenya Caster’s lawyers previously indicated that test results obtained in February will confirm that she’s cleared for competition, but there’s something delaying her return to competition. That something is the International Association of Athletics Federation who has not yet ruled on whether Semenya can compete as a […]

The Epitome Of A Stud Revisited: Artangel & Oreet Ashery Present ‘Staying’

Early last year I wrote a blog titled The Epitome Of A Stud. Later that year I received a letter from Satoko Fujishiro from the London-based organization Artangel. They asked to use excerpts from The Epitome Of A Stud to be included in an upcoming publication. A select portion of my writing would be used in conjunction with one of the alter egos in the book who is called Soft Stud. There was no contemplating anything. Suffice it to say, I […]

Semenya Caster Is Back On Track

And she is determined to compete in track and field events at home (South Africa) and internationally while awaiting the outcome of a gender test she was required to undergo in late 2009. The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has refused to speak about the investigation until an official statement is released. The scientific test results will remain confidential, however the […]

Atlanta Falcons Ovie Mughelli Outed

I came across a story that initially captured my attention because of its NFL football ties to the Atlanta Falcons, a team I follow. The story originated over at Miss Jia’s blog. She posted a letter from a wounded, former, ex-lover of Atlanta Falcons football player, Ovie Mughelli, whom he hasn’t seen since 2007. All of this information is alleged at present time. […]

A Mini Review Of Avatar

Avatar: A must see 3D movie. This movie is a compilation of innuendo and spirituality. The planet we are on during the movie is called Pandora, and the ore being mined is called Unobtanium. The scientist in charge of communicating with and understanding the natives is Grace Augustine.   We start with Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) our hero, and then […]

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