What I Long For

I can taste a future together with you, woman, it is that serious. Here I am swallowing stacks of memories we have just begun creating so you can linger on my mind a little longer even though I hate waiting.

Your Imperfections Are What Make You Beautiful

You are the finest thing
I have ever laid my eyes in
Not on because your worth
Is not defined by
That tiny hair under your chin

Fake News Matters

The news is no longer news worthy to me. Constantly torn by subjective images on TV. Black lives matter while black on black crime staggers and the state of the economy and inflation continues to lose swagger.

It’s Not What You Think

Stuck on a presidency for the first time in history
Yet still won’t read, steady forgetting the past
But you’ll run to the theater to see
Django Unchained’s black ass
How about the chemtrails are seeding
The clouds are no longer keeping
The air we breathe safe


Brushes of silky smooth
Skin against mine
Leaving a trail of the wettest ale
You are the epitome of fine wine


I sit and wait and pine For words that never come Momentary happiness has come undone No turning back but shadows of the past do hunt Lies and deceit over the smallest things corrupt But no one is perfect, I wouldn’t be fooling anyone That love was pure from day one The passion ripe for […]


Because you did not harbor all the ideals of one of your parental units Of the memories of reverse gentrification and neighbor(hood)s changing faces The distrust and disgust did not stop the sun from shining on everyone equally, especially you And your heart became a ball of fierce love and protection as you subconsciously noticed […]

Eyes Wide Open II

5th Verse The next one to catch my fancy Sapped me like an oak tree Macked me like ODB She was the type to bring alive And then stomp all over your dreams But she was mine and I was hers Placed myself on a shelf She did not deserve With access to my dreams […]

Eyes Wide Open

Prelude Tiny cutouts of affection All ripped up and shredded Stored in boxes of occupants Housed in journals and writing tips A poet’s journey begins With a first kiss I made you privy to it My collaborative compilations extracted in bits 1st Verse Nancy was not shy, I was totally convinced of this Secretive as […]

Maximum Overdrive

I can hack into your world Hook up my laptop Start up your drop top Take you for a swirl Speed you up and down the highway I can even tighten your seatbelt So you can’t make a quick escape I control everything Red pill – Blue pill I can make a canary sing To […]

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