The Other Morning On The Train

I stepped into an empty train car. Well, it wasn’t completely empty for there were two weary passengers with their heads slunk down, deep in sleep in their respective seats. “Not bad” was my first thought. I get to ride to work, unassuming, and not be bothered by others and their funny smelling breath and easy restlessness. That is, until the smell hit. So […]

The Dress

Last night proved once again that two attractive friends and former lovers can go out and have a night on the town and things remain platonic. We met at the bar & grill around 9:17p.m. We were both late, as usual, but it was cool because with you I don’t feel that constant pressure to always […]

She Cancelled On Me

I had a fleeting suspicion that she punked out. Then again, it wasn’t exactly well planned so maybe something really did come up. The night before, we hung out at The Exodus and played pool for hours. I beat her four games to one. The one, I let her win. She brushed off my taunts […]

Straight Married Life by John Drew

You can’t make stuff like this up. After leaving the house to go home, we were driving our second car because the other was in need of repair. By the time we got there, I received a phone call from my sister in-law. “Could you please look for my keys, I may have left them at […]

Becoming Reacquainted

Saturday night rolled around and I was getting fresh and clean for the night out. L invited me to to a going away party for a friend and I said yes, of course. I drove to L’s house and waited for her and her roommate to finish getting ready. Finally, we headed to her friend’s […]

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