To The One Riding Shotgun

What describes this super intense Longing, aching, rumbling feeling Can’t quite concentrate on anything without any meaning Except on how to keep our boat from reeling And how your body is the fruit that I see myself peeling How my spirit is searing With the passion of an electrified charge How your protons push my […]

A New Moon

If the paint covering our walls could talk they’d speak in orange tongues Of moons engulfing the sun blanketing bodies each time they multiplied to become one They would talk of the times we’d feed breakfast in bed And your loving nature Which encompassed all of it It would tell of slow dances, And sloppy sweet serenades It would tell of passionate […]

Real Talk Pt. 1

I’m not impressed with your relationship Your myspace posing Downelinking sexy composes Exposing clicks in pictures Caring not about who notices I see through your resin augmentation Plaster of paris created molds Enhancing images created My ex-mistress was a pro at this job Explains my lack of interest in barbies Save for Nicki Minaj Mad props to any woman who keeps […]


She doesn’t say it aloud Too concerned with portraying a fallen angel now Until I bare my soul in rare moments of abundance And convince her my poetry is more than dropping nouns And see how she talks of her past loves And the strength she’s gained from moving on Soul well oiled and aged like leather scrolls […]

Loves Consolation

With eyes half-wide and lucid ulterior motives entice mind won’t shut up with wry smile and vacillating lips a cock-eyed counterclockwise disguise persists despite fiercely contested dismissive attempts I sway dark in the shadow of my density a spot on moonlit night ripples wave intensely eyes pierce through like fright dark against white, basking in onyx and […]