First Things First

Regarding the title of this blog. Well, it’s stupid really. You know on those celebrity gossip blogs where the first person to leave a comment on a new story usually resorts to posting this one line of idiocy, “first!” as if there is some prize to be won or extra in depth knowledge to be […]


Under normal circumstances, I would have refused her offer, but these were unusual circumstances and I was in no mood to refuse anything. Not from her. She did not know it yet, but I was never one for carrying on casual relationships. Not in any sense of the word. That is completely outside of my […]

Preparing To Be A Lesbian Dad

les•bi•an dad n, neologism 1. a. A lesbian or genderqueer parent who feels that traditionally female titles (i.e., “mother”) don’t quite fit, and who is willing to appropriate and redefine existing male ones (i.e., “father”): She was a tomboy when she was a kid, so it’s not surprising she’s a lesbian dad as a parent. […]

I got tagged by FoxyBrown

I got tagged [by FoxyBrown] so without further ado, here goes something. 1. What inspired you to start a blog and share your style with the world? I started my blog because I have always loved to write, and I found myself writing way too much in my head.  Journals have always provided an instant outlet, but blogging has provided a […]

Lost In Thought

Today, I sit and contemplate, and wonder to myself because my mind takes me all over the place on days like this. I dig deep within and get frustrated at the direction the world is moving in. I look at culture and politics, status and class, social-networking and relationships and I’m left with anger and frustration that I […]

My Aries Taurus Cusp Has A Moon in Aquarius

My longest relationships have been with Tauruses. There is this deep, formidable, sensual reciprocity that knocks me off my feet with every connection. These bonds have withstood the test of time. There is no rushing in or out of relationships with Taurus women because affection and devotion come easy after love and trust is established, but […]

From Smooth Operator To Soldier Of Love

I listened to Sade’s new joint ‘Soldier Of Love’ on my way to work this morning. I drove as my girl sat on the passenger side and did something she hasn’t done in ages … I honestly can’t even remember how long it’s been since she let her seat back and just laid back and relaxed the entire trip. She’s normally a […]

A Year Later Continued

The thing is, I have no problem being judged. That’s something everyone deals with every day. The acceptance of judgment comes with age and experience.  I knew what I deserved and I knew who didn’t deserve what I was getting. My girlfriend was hurting, but this time it was because my infidelity was being placed on her shoulders. It […]

Clothes Don’t Make You But They Can Break You

“I’ve always been a tomboy!” I exclaimed with a force that I hoped would resonate long after the conversation ended. My mom proceeded to say, “No, you haven’t, you liked wearing dresses.” After sincerely expressing that I never liked or enjoyed wearing either she lamented that perhaps there was truth to this. Besides, the proof was in the […]

25 Ways To Keep My Blog Alive

Write from the heart. Be unique, original and think outside the box. Don’t follow every new trend. Proofread, critique and enhance my craft. Get faster and better at responding to comments. Read and process first, debate later. Rinse and repeat. Continue to respect all comments and opinions. Make the most out of my creativity. Exhibit diligence when organizing my blog for […]

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