A Constance McMillen Rant: Mississippi Students Bigotry Reflects The Tone Of America

You remember Constance McMillan, the lesbian teen from Mississippi who was denied attendance to her prom if she brought a girl and wore a tux. Well, she finally had her prom, but there’s a catch. Only 7 other students were there including the principal and a few teachers. The other outcasts included 2 learning disabled students who didn’t receive an invite […]

Mississippi School Denies Lesbian And Cancels Prom

According to Yahoo News, a high school in Mississippi cancelled its annual prom rather than allow 18 year old senior Constance McMillen to attend with her girlfriend who is also a student. School board officials decided it was in their best interest to ruin prom for everyone rather than just Constance and her girlfriend. They have a right to cancel […]