The Art Of Love

The art of loving Requires no brush of paint Or numbered two pencil She is the art Her heart the canvas Upon which my love is stenciled How I need no eyes to see The desire written upon her own My chocolate skin coating her caramel Body in kisses; where licks too are honed Wanting […]

I Want You

Let’s cut through the lyrical romance. I’ve wined and dined, you know what comes next. Do we satisfy the ultimate longing. Or do what they do in the songs and tap dance. I’d much rather hear you sing your heart out. As I calmly eat my heart out. Removing the angel wings from a good […]

Erotic Trust

I was that smooth operator Made love with lavish lust My desires no procrastinator Spent – day and night Reenacting love songs We’d skip the heart-breakers and through sweat and funk We fucked There was no requirement for things tasting of sweetness No fake bliss While licking pussy like a thirsty kitten being weaned Off its mom’s […]

Love Is Imperfect Perfection

My love runs through Broken hearts and altered souls Exalted love was made impure While walking paths that no bound knows Whispering nothings sweet and minced Empty proclamation’s dispensed Yet still hearts deeply embedded within  Permanently encased within a permanence A familiar feeling I became acquainted with So while lust and desire took a hold our gift You held on to promises made Without pretense ————————————— We endured the pain of turning […]


My bed lies still when you’re not here My tongue holds its tip halting moist from drawing near Remembering that time is always on our side Your fleeting touch draws near making everything alright And so I lay here saying nothing While wanting Everything … I think of us in daydreams void of color On daunting afternoons those […]

You Send Me

You sound good Like jazz in the morning Take my head on a ride That can only be described In lullabies past They play slow as our souls’ Oddly shaped matter becomes plentiful By dancing circles in fine tune With thumping beats sound proofed Through heart and guts It requires both to love me But beware ’cause My love scenes don’t […]

Once Upon A Rope

we play tug of love with heart shaped – tightly knotted rope pulled roughly between double spaced and double laced scrivened slopes. we compose in subconscious back and forth low and high notes. and I confess to fucking and loving every word.  everytime the light bulb turned on your kinky nerd. and all your secret […]

Afternoon Delight

I had no idea how two women had sex although I’d thought about it often despite subconscious protests. My interest was curious and quite innocent at first, although years later I would eventually taste the nectar that quenched my thirst. The first time I made love was the end of July 1997 at the Hilton […]

360 Degrees of Us

Countless times she told me she loved me I told her in due time she’d show me she loved me And then there was this, our souls mating in destiny For she insisted our past lives were destined to be She claimed we had been together all throughout history In one life I broke her […]