The Universe in Discord

They shootin’ rockets at the moon Claim they lookin’ for water Awarding President’s Peace Prizes He ain’t done shit to stop the slaughter Requires a crisis of conscious Why a crisis is upon us But I don’t wish for terrible things Only for them to be spun off us Brought out into the light To […]

How’s Life Cheating You

Two years in review and much has changed Opportunities arise on a daily base And still I put myself out there Unafraid to take blame Of my past indiscretions And the danger I faced When I came clean about cheating I’ll never forget the day Drove over to my mistresses place I had a lot to say When […]

Deciphering A Purpose

Every day I reflect on the person I am becoming. A constant work in progress I used to call myself, but it’s more like a constantly evolving process in which I’m resolving my former doubt – living life as I know how. There are times when eliminating toxic things and people from my world take […]

Whatever Feels Right

I’ve written thousands of words dedicated to memories of you. How you swept through me like a tornado, left stormy thoughts encased in halos. Already knowing what the ending would be, but craving its heyday. For out of the chaos would come something beautiful. A warm sun, mid-day. The only one I could always count […]

Of All Things

Sensitive yet proud are the feelings that carry us Drifting entirely through tiny boxes Oh what irony When love of all things Leaves hearts fluttering I confess to embracing it Holding onto the message My distant longing once met And I suspect there are others Unbeknown to me I see them in your eyes The hurt is stifling […]

Things Fall Together

I admit our misunderstanding was striking. In one fell swoop I went from aroused to feeling your feisty. I was chillin’ on the couch… laying half-naked, I’ll have you know. So when you asked, “what are you doing,” I could barely open my mouth. When stiffled chuckles spouted out. I sat there thinking, for a moment or two before […]

Thoughts In Constant Motion

They come and go Like a night time revival Only it’s morning and We’re thick as thieves As we come together Ready for rigmarole’s ritual Fluttering about like tepid feathers Rigid thoughts centered on Not stepping on toes Or missing the next run Experiencing the ruminations of others Lives daft with woe And fraught with wonder As this journey […]

You’re My Shining Star

Make me want to penetrate the mental on purpose with purpose Expressing neverending sentimentals With soulful intentions Intent on reinventing Can’t help but make mention Of my total contentment You and I loving without limit Despite my many trangressions You’ve shown a love timed and tested Invested with the best of ingredients One can only wish to […]

Universal Love

If Genesis is a metaphor For creation Our love exists readily All over the universe Evolving post apocalyptic Surviving centuries of existence Without holding hands or Embraced in open mouth kisses This single celled organism Heart breaks for you Lucky to have your love At least a century or two We’ve seen lovers create Who were greater […]

The Other Morning On The Train

I stepped into an empty train car. Well, it wasn’t completely empty for there were two weary passengers with their heads slunk down, deep in sleep in their respective seats. “Not bad” was my first thought. I get to ride to work, unassuming, and not be bothered by others and their funny smelling breath and easy restlessness. That is, until the smell hit. So […]

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