Gay Marriage and Using The Bible as a Crutch for the Mentally Impaired

For gays and lesbians, true human equality will be achieved when each and every one of us is given the opportunity to enjoy one of the most sought after benefits and rewards of lasting love – and that is marriage. Religion often plays a major role in the joining together of two souls in a […]

Prop 8 Trial Reenactment

We are moving swiftly so that more Americans can see our government in action as it reviews this landmark case, said Ainsworth around one week after the start of the trial, which last Wednesday concluded witness testimonies                                                                – source ChristianPost Two filmmakers from Los Angeles, John Ireland and John Ainsworth, have posted a series […]

Black Churches Resent Gay Civil Rights Comparisons

I was reading Alix’s recent blog post about homophobia in the black community and the subject of education was quickly addressed and targeted as one of the main culprits in the moral dilemma surrounding homosexuality and black acceptance, or the unproven, yet definitive lack thereof. I came across many a disturbing comment from black clergy from all walks of […]

Are Civil Unions Good Enough?

Why The Word Marriage Matters In June 2008, they registered their domestic partnership. “It’s very comforting to make a commitment where you know someone wants to be with you for eternity,” Patrick said Tuesday. And even more comforting if everyone else knows what a “domestic partnership” means, too. They were told it would convey legal […]

Gays and Lesbians Who Support Proposition 8

Please head over to my colleague’s blog spot to read 6 individual blogger responses to this question. We are a bi-weekly roundtable discussion group (1×6) that will answer pressing questions that affect you, me, and everyone around us. A Brown Girl No matter your opinion, your insight is welcome and appreciated. Feel free to comment, agree or […]