Weapon Of Mass Pleasure

I was ashamed for at the foot of my lovers bed, none so much as a polished toe did curl, save one Bent in opposite direction The biggest of the bunch and sparing my tongue from licking upon A single sliver of golden pearl, Coating the warmth within her skin My licks danced twirls as […]

Real Talk Pt. II

See you still ain’t scratched that selfish itch See you still ain’t stopped me from being a hopeless romantic Ticked off cause my love gave you a number I kept you idle for hours while away messages soothed your wonder Told you I was no good for you Yet you refused to let go Figured […]

The Beautiful Part I

The beautiful are unafraid to bear the deepest parts of the soul They face fears without regard to any sentiment that may engulf They bravely take the charge don’t cry foul when the tables turn ’round The beautiful reflect the good in some while never once on us looking down The beautiful are the rarest […]

Tie Me Down

Running laps in each other’s heads These circular motions bring discontent Although it’s bullshit when I say Life without you is less complicated When the truth of the matter is I’d twist every fucking limb Into their most tiniest bits If it meant keeping you by my side Onto me, keeping you tied While knotted […]