trans men and butch women: a summary perspective

This is unedited and jumps all over the place. I do not apologize, I was following multiple trains of thought. Butch Lesbians and Trans guys   female masculinity and male masculinity   born in the right body and born in the wrong body   being mistaken for a man and being mistaken for a woman   female identity and male […]

Once Upon A Rope

we play tug of love with heart shaped – tightly knotted rope pulled roughly between double spaced and double laced scrivened slopes. we compose in subconscious back and forth low and high notes. and I confess to fucking and loving every word.  everytime the light bulb turned on your kinky nerd. and all your secret […]

Untitled Lust

There she lays on her back anticipating let’s fuck I enter through her mind thinking thoughts come rapidly My body heat drinks in the night perspiration saturates every part of me Inside closed eyes her palm leads mine exposing hands to what I have not yet seen I’ve longed to taste beneath her surface sliding […]

The Dark Side Of Affairs Part II: Karma

I sent her an e-mail that Monday. It was sappy and ridiculous and nevertheless I asked for a reply and she assured me she would send one. I didn’t get a reply all week until Friday rolled around and still nothing until the phone call later that day. She wanted to discuss something. By that […]

Age Differences In Lesbian Relationships

May-December relationships describe the romantic coupling where one person is significantly older than the other. I have always been fascinated with women who were older than me. When I was first discovered my sexuality and my only outlet for dating was the Internet, I managed to meet an older woman who later become my first girlfriend. It wasn’t […]

Angry Contemplation

I was reading Alix’s latest blog and I started to reflect on past breakups I’ve had  and as I reflected on the worst of the worst I remember how… A dark cloud looms above as toxic rain falls reminiscent of lost love My heart so full it could burst straining against my chest in remembrance of her Wanting […]

Becoming Reacquainted

Saturday night rolled around and I was getting fresh and clean for the night out. L invited me to to a going away party for a friend and I said yes, of course. I drove to L’s house and waited for her and her roommate to finish getting ready. Finally, we headed to her friend’s […]

Futuristic Love

My soul fluctuates At ease for a millisecond The earth’s in tune as its axis re-coils The light from the sky darkens revealing an obnoxious galaxy It’s teeming with space, to be fulfilled by Two You see, our love moved the earth It was fierce and at times unkind creating UFO’s in our mind Your […]

Tie Me Down

Running laps in each other’s heads These circular motions bring discontent Although it’s bullshit when I say Life without you is less complicated When the truth of the matter is I’d twist every fucking limb Into their most tiniest bits If it meant keeping you by my side Onto me, keeping you tied While knotted […]

A Biblical Telle

I am worth more than these 6 colors, 4 initials, gay flags, and pride parades I am defined by more than my baggy pants, wife beater shirts and low cut fades But, lately, I find myself slipping into melancholy hissy fits, debating Religion and Sexuality with bible-thumping nit-wits They refer to the creator, who painted […]