Living in the Moment

Grief can be a very lonely process… I picked up my cell phone which was wet from my tears. The touch screen had become unresponsive due to the moisture. I’d been on the phone with my mom for the greater part of the evening. She had become my stress release in the weeks prior to […]

Sex Addict Serial Cheater or Just a Jerk

This time of year has historically been a difficult challenge, especially in terms of love and relationships. Over the course of my dating life the transition from fall to winter has not only been seasonal but also deeply emotional for me. I often try to block out the reasons why this occurs. Like I won’t […]

There’s no such thing as the perfect woman

She is beautiful, smart, charismatic, ambitious, spontaneous and sexy in every imagined way. She is everything you have wanted in a woman which for a time was perplexing because progress was slow, if any. She says she is simple, you say she is the least simple woman you have ever known. She is complicated and […]

Coming To Terms

I set myself to task to write about this cancer journey with the diligence necessary to overcome the slight depression that had come down on me. Crazy how many countless obstacles have littered the path my babe and I set out on over 6 years ago. Despite the threats to our happiness early on in […]

Video: The Birth of Zoey

The drive to the hospital was quiet and surreal and over in a relatively short time. The music coming from the radio was upbeat, in stark contrast to the darkness that surrounded us at that early morning hour. I felt as if I was floating with no place to land, but I didn’t want to land just yet. Everything […]


Under normal circumstances, I would have refused her offer, but these were unusual circumstances and I was in no mood to refuse anything. Not from her. She did not know it yet, but I was never one for carrying on casual relationships. Not in any sense of the word. That is completely outside of my […]

Of All Things

Sensitive yet proud are the feelings that carry us Drifting entirely through tiny boxes Oh what irony When love of all things Leaves hearts fluttering I confess to embracing it Holding onto the message My distant longing once met And I suspect there are others Unbeknown to me I see them in your eyes The hurt is stifling […]

Lost In Thought

Today, I sit and contemplate, and wonder to myself because my mind takes me all over the place on days like this. I dig deep within and get frustrated at the direction the world is moving in. I look at culture and politics, status and class, social-networking and relationships and I’m left with anger and frustration that I […]

Dream Girl

There is this image of you.. one of the very first, at least. I wanted to rip off that little nightie you had on with ease, but I didn’t. You were kind of leaning against the wall waiting for me to pass you by. I didn’t look at you as I walked, but I could feel you with my eyes. Yours were staring into […]

A Poem to Self

My healed black ego Hides well under the scars Placed carefully within Misshapen bouts of depression Can’t think clear enough Through the emotional discarding Of those well-sung lullabies I used to sing myself at night Flying through the open window Out of a heavily burdened mind Makes me thank God For how feminine love makes me Feels so free to alleviate Any […]

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