Killers & Knight and Day Movie Reviews

Movie review of a double feature “Killers” and “Knight and Day”. My wife and I were having one of those days, we just could not decide which movie to see so we went with both, Killers and Knight and Day. We saw Killers first and by far it was the best. Ashton Kucher makes you […]

A Mini Review Of Avatar

Avatar: A must see 3D movie. This movie is a compilation of innuendo and spirituality. The planet we are on during the movie is called Pandora, and the ore being mined is called Unobtanium. The scientist in charge of communicating with and understanding the natives is Grace Augustine.   We start with Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) our hero, and then […]

The Invention of Lying

The Invention of Lying is a movie with two edges, one dull and one sharp. Ricky Gervais and Jennifer Garner make an odd couple who are almost too opposite for any attraction. The premise of the movie is that everyone tells the truth. There is nothing else to do and if you have ever said aloud something […]

Star Trek 2009

Well, Star Trek is out and boy what a movie. The problem with reviewing this movie is age. I am old enough to have seen the first Star Trek TV series live and being that old, I found the new Star Trek less than stellar. I am going to split the age at 40, pre 40 […]

Afro Samurai

I had no knowledge that vividly detailed Japanese animated manga film titled Afro Samurai was floating around the Internet and onto a Spike TV time slot until the latter part of 2008. But, I’m not here to make excuses and besides it was well worth the wait and then some. It takes a truly special anime to […]

Movie Review: Taken

Liam Neeson is a great action hero. He makes you believe that you don’t want to feel his wrath. The problem with Taken is, “Why the hell would anyone want to save that that spoiled brat “Kim”, played by Maggie Grace. She was great as a spoiled, shallow, self centered, rich, bitch. The action scenes […]