My bed lies still when you’re not here My tongue holds its tip halting moist from drawing near Remembering that time is always on our side Your fleeting touch draws near making everything alright And so I lay here saying nothing While wanting Everything … I think of us in daydreams void of color On daunting afternoons those […]

Universal Love

If Genesis is a metaphor For creation Our love exists readily All over the universe Evolving post apocalyptic Surviving centuries of existence Without holding hands or Embraced in open mouth kisses This single celled organism Heart breaks for you Lucky to have your love At least a century or two We’ve seen lovers create Who were greater […]

You Send Me

You sound good Like jazz in the morning Take my head on a ride That can only be described In lullabies past They play slow as our souls’ Oddly shaped matter becomes plentiful By dancing circles in fine tune With thumping beats sound proofed Through heart and guts It requires both to love me But beware ’cause My love scenes don’t […]

The Beautiful Part I

The beautiful are unafraid to bear the deepest parts of the soul They face fears without regard to any sentiment that may engulf They bravely take the charge don’t cry foul when the tables turn ’round The beautiful reflect the good in some while never once on us looking down The beautiful are the rarest […]

Truth Be Told

Scr-scratch turned the table as I scribbled down uncertainties Caused my pen discontent cause writers contemplate everything Like the what’s when’s and why’s comprised in literature and poetry Yet contrast was stark when eyes were especially glued onto me Didn’t lay claim to any heartbeats as they fluttered about openly Writing of repaired broken hearts sans suicide tendencies I manipulated words while you tweaked and twirked music sheets Even whole truths I’d tell when […]

Of History And Poetry

            I was in love with the audacity of words Sailing over minds like ruffled notebook paper Outlining margins where I grabbed a firm hold Crumbling envisions and fantasies conjured untold A divinamente moment I held those reflections close to my chest And could feel a succulence nourishing a barren […]

Mothers Always Know

Mom thinks I’m gay As if my rainbow reflects backwards only In the middle of day Hello… I hold hands with women while hiding my feminine in back pockets And what is this gay recruitment Bullshit she’s been speaking so much of Do my actions deceive them turn their heads sideways pump lesbian into their bodies […]

Once Upon A Rope

we play tug of love with heart shaped – tightly knotted rope pulled roughly between double spaced and double laced scrivened slopes. we compose in subconscious back and forth low and high notes. and I confess to fucking and loving every word.  everytime the light bulb turned on your kinky nerd. and all your secret […]

Love Potion #10

I close my eyes while picturing our souls mental depart A subtle reflection of past harmonic poetry in motion Reminiscing holding her in my arms trying to climb back inside her heart Where I’ll spend an eternity creating for her rhythmic love potions Suddenly realizing that we’ve never had to make love It’s always been […]

Between The Lines

You’ve opened yourself to me like a sunflower in bloom I’m intent to unveil hidden meanings and not a minute too soon All the while I’m electrified by your intense magnetic spark All my jive talking hear you tell it yet my bite is better than my bark And you needn’t heed my warning – let me muse you and feed you ecstasy I’ll have […]

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