Sometimes Women and Sport Don’t Mix

As soon as I answered the phone, her question went something like this, “So I was just another one of your mistresses too? She had just finished reading one of my blogs, A Year Later Continued, and the incident I described on the football field resonated strongly with her because there was a similar one that occurred a few years […]

From Smooth Operator To Soldier Of Love

I listened to Sade’s new joint ‘Soldier Of Love’ on my way to work this morning. I drove as my girl sat on the passenger side and did something she hasn’t done in ages … I honestly can’t even remember how long it’s been since she let her seat back and just laid back and relaxed the entire trip. She’s normally a […]

A Year Later Continued

The thing is, I have no problem being judged. That’s something everyone deals with every day. The acceptance of judgment comes with age and experience.  I knew what I deserved and I knew who didn’t deserve what I was getting. My girlfriend was hurting, but this time it was because my infidelity was being placed on her shoulders. It […]

A Woman’s Touch Feels Oh So Good

Nothing compares to the touch of the woman I share love and intimacy with. I have a passion for sensuality that makes me a sexually intense person, but that intensity must be evoked before it can be untapped. Fortunately, my girlfriend pushes all the right buttons when it comes to physical intimacy. What her touch gives me […]

Love Is Imperfect Perfection

My love runs through Broken hearts and altered souls Exalted love was made impure While walking paths that no bound knows Whispering nothings sweet and minced Empty proclamation’s dispensed Yet still hearts deeply embedded within  Permanently encased within a permanence A familiar feeling I became acquainted with So while lust and desire took a hold our gift You held on to promises made Without pretense ————————————— We endured the pain of turning […]

What Are Your Relationship Expectations?

While reading the blog A Brown Girl Gone Gay, one of Alix’s entries captured my attention. It’s the one titled Love With Expectations and it’s a great post that touches on one of the most important aspects of any relationships longevity. That is the ability to examine, evaluate and meet each other’s expectations, which are next to impossible to love without. That doesn’t mean expectations […]

When The Mistress Feels Cheated

To ensure there was no doubt he spelt it out: “I was unfaithful, I had affairs, I cheated. What I did was unacceptable. – Tiger Woods You know something is wrong when the mistress feels more cheated than the girlfriend or wife. The very definition of cheat[ing] in comparison to the nature of a committed relationship presents one hell of a messy contradiction. More telling is when the other woman feels […]

The Dark Side of Valentine’s

There is a dark side to Valentine’s Day that usually takes place the day of or the night before that special day. It’s the time most cheaters choose to spend with their mistresses. The reason for this is simple. Waiting until the day after V-Day is too obvious and the last thing they want her to think is that […]

Why Women Fake Orgasms

I’ve faked orgasms before. When I was young and didn’t know any better. I thought there was something wrong with me. I didn’t want my lovers to know that they were not satisfying my needs. Instead, I practiced the art of giving pleasure and became very good at it. So good that I didn’t have to pretend to be a […]

Love Story

This love story scares me and thrills me all at once It began in the most complicated of circumstances Love is the glue that binds two To hold on tight To the one that you feel the most some lonely nights It is the emotion which can set free or put over edge Thrust into a wild […]

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