Gays Shouldn’t Be Allowed To…

Gays Shouldn’t Be Allowed To… [insert stupidity here] Today I was reminded of a discussion I took part in on Facebook a few months back. A guy on my friend’s list posted an unusual update to his profile, which was in fact a follow-up to a update he posted a week prior. He wasn’t happy with the positive […]

How Twitter Saved My Blog

Everyday more people join the twitter community and it’s fascinating watching the twitter phenomenon take place. Although I can hardly claim to have watched this phenom since I’m admittedly still wet behind the ears and learning additional tricks of the twitter trade almost daily. Even more fascinating is the number of celebrities creating twitter accounts, […]

With My Eyes Wide Shut

The other woman and the girlfriend have one major thing in common in common when it comes to lesbian affairs. A woman who is lying to them both. Not only are affairs addictive, the lying becomes so commonplace that after a while it’s almost second nature. You begin to comfortably do or say whatever is […]

Myspace Rap

Is karma still kicking this ass of mine? I figured, slates clean it’s 2009. I’m checking my myspace page today like usual. Low and behold, I have a couple messages from you. But that’s not what drew my attention first y’all. I looked about mid-page and was  surprised by what I saw. There’s a section on […]