Early Memories of Female Masculinity

One summer I stood outside of a highway rest area with my siblings. A big 18-wheeler rolled into the lot and parked. The driver hopped down and after securing his truck he headed toward the entrance where we stood. There was nothing distinct about his walk. Nothing special. He wore a pair of blue jeans, a plaid shirt and some work boots. His head was shaved into a buzz cut.  To this […]

trans men and butch women: a summary perspective

This is unedited and jumps all over the place. I do not apologize, I was following multiple trains of thought. Butch Lesbians and Trans guys   female masculinity and male masculinity   born in the right body and born in the wrong body   being mistaken for a man and being mistaken for a woman   female identity and male […]

The Epitome Of A Stud

The Lesbian Stud Manifesto The Rules Be yourself. Treat your woman like a treasure. Stay true and committed to you. Let me begin by saying that identifying as a more dominant or masculine lesbian has little to do with gender maturity and everything to do with finding our internal comfort zone. Gender maturity is something […]