First Things First

Regarding the title of this blog. Well, it’s stupid really. You know on those celebrity gossip blogs where the first person to leave a comment on a new story usually resorts to posting this one line of idiocy, “first!” as if there is some prize to be won or extra in depth knowledge to be […]

Honoring My Woman

It’s not always easy to be the person I want to be. And sometimes it’s hard for you to understand what I’m feeling. At times, I can be the most charming, loving person to be around, but there are times when I’m distant, content with the isolation that surrounds. And it makes you reserved and sad. But there’s […]

Real Talk Pt. II

See you still ain’t scratched that selfish itch See you still ain’t stopped me from being a hopeless romantic Ticked off cause my love gave you a number I kept you idle for hours while away messages soothed your wonder Told you I was no good for you Yet you refused to let go Figured […]

Real Talk Pt. 1

I’m not impressed with your relationship Your myspace posing Downelinking sexy composes Exposing clicks in pictures Caring not about who notices I see through your resin augmentation Plaster of paris created molds Enhancing images created My ex-mistress was a pro at this job Explains my lack of interest in barbies Save for Nicki Minaj Mad props to any woman who keeps […]


She doesn’t say it aloud Too concerned with portraying a fallen angel now Until I bare my soul in rare moments of abundance And convince her my poetry is more than dropping nouns And see how she talks of her past loves And the strength she’s gained from moving on Soul well oiled and aged like leather scrolls […]

Ten Random Monday Mumblings V. 1

Blogging: When commenting on a post it’s always a good idea to include a link back to your web page in the URL section. I’ve noticed that people often don’t check their URL for accuracy after typing it into the text box and guess what? The address you’re pointing people to could be misspelled so […]