Whatever Feels Right

I’ve written thousands of words dedicated to memories of you. How you swept through me like a tornado, left stormy thoughts encased in halos. Already knowing what the ending would be, but craving its heyday. For out of the chaos would come something beautiful. A warm sun, mid-day. The only one I could always count […]

First Things First

Regarding the title of this blog. Well, it’s stupid really. You know on those celebrity gossip blogs where the first person to leave a comment on a new story usually resorts to posting this one line of idiocy, “first!” as if there is some prize to be won or extra in depth knowledge to be […]


Under normal circumstances, I would have refused her offer, but these were unusual circumstances and I was in no mood to refuse anything. Not from her. She did not know it yet, but I was never one for carrying on casual relationships. Not in any sense of the word. That is completely outside of my […]

Thoughts In Constant Motion

They come and go Like a night time revival Only it’s morning and We’re thick as thieves As we come together Ready for rigmarole’s ritual Fluttering about like tepid feathers Rigid thoughts centered on Not stepping on toes Or missing the next run Experiencing the ruminations of others Lives daft with woe And fraught with wonder As this journey […]

Unconditional Love and Self-Forgiveness

The excitement that goes into carrying on an affair is worlds apart from the emotions found within a long-term, committed relationship. Long-term relationships take work, and include some of the less attractive attributes such as taking care of the household finances, cooking, cleaning, keeping the passion alive and sharing responsibilities. By its very nature, an affair tends to […]

25 Ways To Keep My Blog Alive

Write from the heart. Be unique, original and think outside the box. Don’t follow every new trend. Proofread, critique and enhance my craft. Get faster and better at responding to comments. Read and process first, debate later. Rinse and repeat. Continue to respect all comments and opinions. Make the most out of my creativity. Exhibit diligence when organizing my blog for […]

The Dress

Last night proved once again that two attractive friends and former lovers can go out and have a night on the town and things remain platonic. We met at the bar & grill around 9:17p.m. We were both late, as usual, but it was cool because with you I don’t feel that constant pressure to always […]

Thank You To My Readers

i. I love to write, create and conceptualize words, And phrase them in ways I haven’t before heard. Sometimes I come up with different topics for my blog,  But more often than not it’s those random disconnected thoughts. That pop up. They aren’t consistent enough to write about in the first place.  Secondly this results in saved drafts pending for days, […]

A Cure For The Blues

What my instincts told me to do and what I actually did were two different things. Not surprising. About two weeks ago I blogged about something I came across online over the weekend, which happened to give me a case of the curious blues. I was in a mode where my emotions were playing flip-flop […]