Live With Abandon

just_life____by_coheperHave you ever… gone out on a  LIMB and shouted to the world that you were in love? Walked down the street holding hands with your baby and not a care in the world? Bought fresh Cala Lilies in its myraiad of different colors and given them to her out of the blue, just because? Buy her favorite painting as a print until she’s able to afford the real thing. Walk on the wild side and stay up together until midnight, on a work night, slow dancing to the beat of classically smooth R&B. Use the Mac Love & Friendship lavender’ish nail polish on toenails AND fingernails, hmmm ladies?

Get a FRESH haircut or line or both in a style you never before tried or ever thought that you would in your lifetime. Or maybe some highlights to accentuate the rainblow colored tank top you’re rockin’ because you’re so full of pride. Go outside with your hair WET and not even give a damn, is what I’m talkin’ ’bout, can you feel me, Fam? Eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts for breakfast AND feel guiltless. Dress up to go to the grocery store lookin’ fresh to life in your fitted.  Buy an outfit that goes completely AGAINST your fashion sense. There’s so much we can do with the spirit for life we are given.

Granted, I’m doing a little kidding, but a lot of those things I have done and some I plan to never do (sorry, Mac, Lip Glass is my limit). Loving and living with abandon means not sweating the small stuff, striving to love unconditionally every day while making the best of life. “Life is short, love with abandon.” My motto this summer of 2009 and infinity beyond, lol. No, but for real my own life I shine.

Do you live and love with abandon?




4 Responses to “Live With Abandon”
  1. AJtheDJ says:

    Yes, I’ve gone out on a LIMB before…was so in love that I was tunnel-visioned with almost everything I did, because I was living and loving with abandon. Like you, I never went against my style either, lol.

    I’m with you on the chap stick..even we studs need it too. It wouldn’t make sense to leave the lips dry; our woman needs them soft. *Sigh* I miss lips against mine.

  2. Knowledge says:

    And the beauty of it is that I don’t go against my style even now. It’s hard to break free of releasing that beast that sometimes unleashes (passion) good and bad. These days, like you, I focus on the good. Everything good comes with time. Patience… is key. those lips are out there waitin’ for you. 🙂

  3. mspachy says:

    Do you live and love with abandon? Always! Life is so short so we should all enjoy as many of the limited minutes each of us has. All of us should live life to its fullest and do the little things for ourselves and for others that make us and them smile.

    Ok, heading out with my rainbow top and wet hair to get some Krispy Kreme!!!

  4. AJtheDJ says:

    It’s a beautiful thing when you find that woman who accepts you fully for YOU, you know? Where you don’t have to go hard and be something you aren’t…it’s flawless victory for love.
    I know..whatever will be will be, the future isn’t our’s to see:-)

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