How Twitter Saved My Blog


Everyday more people join the twitter community and it’s fascinating watching the twitter phenomenon take place. Although I can hardly claim to have watched this phenom since I’m admittedly still wet behind the ears and learning additional tricks of the twitter trade almost daily. Even more fascinating is the number of celebrities creating twitter accounts, logging on, and posting updates about what’s going on in their lives. This narrow view is at times interesting and at others can be plain annoying.

One of the fun yet completely geeked aspects about tweeting is coming up with crafty words to describe a person, place, or thing with a twitter-esque ring. Twitter opens windows into the lives of the tweeple out in the twitterverse and that can either reveal an obnoxious galaxy in some respects or a truly breathtaking mode of networking and note taking in most all other aspects. There is an eclectic mix of writers, poets, bloggers, radio hosts and personalities, producers, music artists, photographers, actors, students, and fans all tweeting in real time 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Twitter is blowing up and I’m a-okay with being almost two years late to the party.

I first utilized it as a tool to keep my very short list of blog readers abreast of what was going on with the website, updates, new blog posts, videos, etc. My RSS feed was malfunctioning at the time and twitter came in and saved the day until I was able to repair my feed, but then it became much more than just a temporary new blog post notifier as I began to network with people I’m not sure how I would have ever met regularly.

Something I caught onto early was the use of twitter etiquette. Now, it should dictate that if you follow someone, they follow you back and this holds particularly true for those who are interested in or directly apart of the same niche or genre as you. Obviously, these quasi rules don’t apply to celebrities, but it’s one of the keys to tweeting; be a follower even if you’re a natural born leader. At least, that’s the rule I honor. After a little time has passed you should have a good understanding of who is going to follow you back and who isn’t, who you’ll be interested in hearing from and who you won’t. At that point, it’s time to trim the meat off the fat and start unfollowing the unfollowers and other undesirables. I started using twitter as a means only to update my followers about new blog posts because I couldn’t fathom that anyone would be all that interested in what was going on in my world at random intervals during my day, but when I counted my girlfriend, a few ex’s and a handful of friends, I discovered that I was more than a little wrong.

Don’t make the mistake I made in the beginning and only post to twitter when you have something to promote or sell, but actually take the time to update and give yourself or someone else some motivation, inspiration, random words of silliness or sadness, or just toot your own horn every now and then, you might just be surprised at the positive feedback you receive. While twitter has opened up some opportunities for me that I wouldn’t have imagined coming by in such a way, I believe even more so in the fact that twitter has yet to reach it’s full, massive potential as a social, professional, and everything in between networking site, one that brings the unlikeliest of people together with the potential to collaborate on many great projects.




6 Responses to “How Twitter Saved My Blog”
  1. SiK says:

    Twitter def is a great way to get your name out there and network. I also am late as hell but finding twitter a part of my everyday activity.

  2. Knowledge says:

    Same here, SiK, and I actually had the audacity to resist joining twitter for the longest. I'm enjoying the connections I've made thus far.

  3. Glennisha Morgan says:

    This is a great analysis of Twitter

  4. LaurynX says:

    Yes, I used to talk bad about twitter last year. Now it's the only social networking site I use (not that I ever used any others).

  5. AJ says:

    As soon as I saw the heading I had to smile. Make of it the best you can, and that you're def doing 🙂

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