She Cancelled On Me

wallI had a fleeting suspicion that she punked out. Then again, it wasn’t exactly well planned so maybe something really did come up. The night before, we hung out at The Exodus and played pool for hours. I beat her four games to one. The one, I let her win. She brushed off my taunts when I declared myself champ of our mini tournament, but not before she had fun teasing and distracting me every time I lined up to shoot my ball into a corner pocket. I didn’t even know moves like that were allowed on or against the pool table. Her teasing was semi-torture and since I was in my competitive mode, I was also feeling aggressive and I fantasized lifting her ass on to the table and spreading her legs wide, squeezing in between and doing many naughty things, but I thought the better of it and quite frankly had no choice in the matter.

We were in a mostly empty pool hall and there were barely any patrons left, let alone anyone showing us any mind, but I digressed for a while and controlled myself for the moment. As the night winded down I bought us both another beer and we chugged them at the bar while sharing dirty jokes and dirty thoughts. We parked in opposite directions so I walked her to her car. When we got there I did my best to look smooth and leaned against the side of her car, folding my arms together then looking at her all hard. There was only one minor problem. I was smiling and grinning all goofy because I wasn’t hard at all so I unfolded my arms and playfully smirked at her. She was standing by the curb right next to the parking meter, looking delicious in designer jeans, a tight graphic tee and sexy flats. We noticed a big group of women walking up the sidewalk and as they got closer I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her into me while letting myself lean back against the car. We were much closer than we were a few minutes prior and I liked that. I convinced myself that it was mainly because the sidewalk was so narrow and the group of girls walking our way would likely take up most of it. But on the flip side, I’d been wanting to do that all night so I took advantage of an opportune time. She gave a little start but didn’t resist at all. I could see she was smiling back at me with pursed lips, almost smirking at my aggressiveness. I felt her hands rest comfortably on either side of my arms and as the girls passed on the sidewalk she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. I could hear one of them comment that she missed her baby and then they disappeared out of sight and the sidewalk was all ours again. Although she wasn’t my baby, I sure wouldn’t mind treating her like she was. We were real cool and close but she was hard to read on the whole so I took her lack of resisting as encouraging.

She wasn’t exactly a girly girl, but she was far more feminine than I, and the external qualities she exhibited left me with no complaints whatsoever. I never failed to notice that she had a secret side, sensual and dark and I wanted her to unleash it on me, and I too had a side that I was holding back but it wasn’t the right time to unleash that beast. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my current predicament and slid my hands further down her back until I reached the dip, where waist and lower back meets ass and I let my fingers do the talking for a while. I lingered a bit long, but that was the plan, to do whatever comes, take whatever chance. Words were few and far between and eventually I glanced up and down the sidewalk, looking around to see if we were being watched. She looked up just as abruptly but I had already determined the coast was clear so I pulled her closer and inhaled deeply. God, I loved the scent of her. The aroma reminded me of strawberry vanilla fields and a sensual mix of female pheromones filling my lungs. She sighed as if waiting for something to happen. I knew what, but didn’t indulge. I stood up straight and reluctantly relaxed my hold on her waist and she asked if I was trying to get rid of her already. “Of course not,” I said as I took her hand. I led us away from the street to the back side of the 3 story brown brick building. I was glad she wasn’t wearing  stilettos that night. I didn’t exactly tower over her, but she had a small frame to go with her small round ass and my tightly curled ‘fro gave me at least two and a half inches over her so I relaxed. Speaking of ass, I remember when I first met her black guy friend whose name escapes me for various reasons. One afternoon we were chillin’ with him and some of her other friends downtown and while they walked in front he and I followed behind. Literally. He remarked to me “she has a black girl ass doesn’t she?” My head swiveled fast and I looked at him like he was crazy. “For real? Have you never seen a black girl’s ass?” He laughed and I knew then that he was jonesing her, and had no idea the measure of a woman’s ass, black or white. Idiot. How could he be so clueless about that shit, but I didn’t sweat it and nope I didn’t answer him. I laughed, shaking my head as we kept walking and we both watched her from behind.

Going back to that night, I looked at her and grinned, asking if she wanted to finish what we’d started. She responded in kind, smiling, seductively as she put her arms around me and said “well let’s see.” Naw, fuck that, that’s when I turned her around so her back was against my front and her front was against the wall. I could feel my palms on her stomach and then her waist and lower still while she held the wall in place. “You are so beautiful, woman,” I whispered in her ear and planted a kiss on soft skin where my lips just whispered. “Your hands feel so good on me,” she leaned back and whispered as her hands slowly pushed up the fabric of her shirt revealing smooth skin and I could feel the heat against it. I wasted no time, but I also took my time. I wanted to touch all of her, but I couldn’t forget where I was and where we both were and a weak sounding whimper escaped from me as I pushed my crotch firm against her. She groaned and pushed back against me until she remembered where we were. That’s when she feigned shy and palmed the back of my hands, sliding them down her stomach then resting on her pants. She turned to face me and let her shirt fall down naturally. She said I had a sexy grin on my face and the sensation I felt when she looked at me made me squirm. I knew I had the sex look so I tried to mentally shake it off, but that just got me wondering just how wet she really was. She had the look too you know. We’d only made out a couple of times before this, but I wanted her to remember my mouth fucking hers with my tongue and her moans and the heat that we shared when we touched. Her whimpers were hot, sweet music to my ears. I wanted to give her a taste of what was to come, but I decided against acting on that thought for a good reason.

I scrunched up my nose and was unprepared for when she kissed the very tip of it. I looked at her intently for a moment and asked what she had planned for the rest of the week. She said not much and then she was staring at my lips but in my mind I’m thinking how cliché is this. So I mouthed the words “I want you so fucking bad.” She looked into my eyes and said she could tell. Then all I could think of was sucking and massaging all over her at the same time and how I would burst if I didn’t get to do something soon. I exhaled softly and time lost all meaning as she came closer. She moaned when my tongue touched her lips and then again when I sucked her bottom lip. She opened her mouth pulling me inside and a second later we were kissing passionately. Her fingers hooked onto the front of my skinny baggy jeans and then right above my boxer briefs where her fingers slid down in underneath and traced horizontal figures side to side against bare skin. She fiddled with my button fly and I half-heartedly slapped her hand. I breathed hard and pushed my tongue deeper into her and we began a tongue duel that she was certain to lose. My hands found her breasts and I roamed and squeezed gently while brushing lightly against her rock hard nipples. Just as quickly I released my tugging and the only thing connecting us were lips and fingers under boxers briefs. It wasn’t long before I reached behind and cupped her ass through her jeans and loved every bit of it before giving her one last hard kiss.

Before the night ended I told her I was looking forward to spending some more time the following night. Actually, I wanted to check out a comedy club I’d never been to before and we didn’t even set a time so everything was sort of up in the air. Regardless, I had a plan in store and a backup, always, just in case cause you never know. Thursday rolled around and I waited until around 3:00 in the afternoon to text a reminder about later that evening. She texted me back, asked how I was, etc. I replied, but it was sort of rhetorical so I thought nothing of her not texting me back. She said she was going to take a nap and I concurred saying she’d need the rest later. I played a few Xbox games for a while. I didn’t hear from her again until 7 p.m. at which time we talked for about five minutes before she had to abruptly end the call and answer her other line. She called me back 15 minutes later and I wasn’t able to answer my cell, but she left a voice message saying she had to cancel. ”Something came up.” Said she had to shower and leave the house right away and she was sorry for having to cancel, yeah yeah yeah. A shower, I thought, yeah okay, yeah right. I called my backup while racking my brain trying to figure out the real reason she cancelled so late. It was an impossible feat and she didn’t give me a specific reason anyway and if it was bullshit I didn’t want to think about it any more than it deserved. I just hoped everything was alright and sent a short text message with that in mind. If it came to an end so be it, I lamented, even though I promised not to dwell on the shit. I had a date cancel on me only once, although I cancelled my fair share so karma was having fun. Two days later I received a text from her that said, “you’re an excellent kisser, can we do it again?”


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9 Responses to “She Cancelled On Me”
  1. Evolving says:

    Wow that was passionate but harsh all that sexual tension and to have anyone waiting two days before any other communication. Loved it!

  2. Vanessa says:

    The sexual tension was brutal but yummy… loved the teasing and taunting… I could just imagine the heavy breathing and small eyes, the lip biting and licking… if I smoked, I'd be lighting up a cig right now!

  3. Imani R. says:

    I REALLY enjoyed reading this! Will be staying tuned for the next meeting between these women! The "sex look"; we ALL know it when we see it, but never heard it described like that! LOL

  4. mspachy says:

    I can’t wait to find out what happens next. Will they meet up again? Who is the back up? what came up? I will be checking back often but for now cold shower here I come!

  5. AJ says:

    I know the “sex look” homie, lol. Keep writing.

  6. SteadyCat says:

    arrrrrgh! What is going to happen next? Let me know. 🙂
    .-= SteadyCat´s last blog ..The N Word – From The Mouth Of Babes =-.

  7. Alix says:

    I saw all of that in my mind. Perfect.

  8. jilly says:

    i was totally enthralled by this story from start to finish. very vivid imagery. i look forward to reading another one of your writings later.

  9. oseye says:

    speechless….in a great way
    .-= oseye´s last blog ..Wowza =-.

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