Curious Blues

th_sad(At the crib, Chicago, IL) Have you ever sat back and allowed yourself to feel, as strongly as you could, your deepest, most unwanted thoughts? I did that after coming across something interesting online over the weekend. Iinteresting enough to cause me to pause and revisit it more than once. After sleeping for a good 3 hours Sunday night and then waking up early as hell this morning, those thoughts found me again and I could not find comfort in them. Well, I did find comfort in the loving words of another and the warm embrace of a lover, but those thoughts lingered. It’s the unknown; intense. Exciting in a way. For those who’ve ever allowed themselves to feel; imagine an orgasm, but instead of reaching an intense climax, it’s not exactly the opposite, but it’s as if you are left not only in a state of perpetual limbo, not going or coming, but you know with certainty you will not have that orgasm no matter what, but you don’t know what else will happen so there’s this powerful pull for and against, something. I feel wild like that. High, on edge. Now, all of this could just be the remnants of my earlier drinking escapade rearing its head or other thoughts floating around in it, or it could be exactly as I believe. Strong, tangible curiousity. I can’t put my finger on it yet, mainly because I don’t know with certainty if I’m even close to accurate. There’s something in my air and if I don’t find out what it is I’ll just as soon let my pen do the talking and let the pad speak for me. 

‘Till next time.  Peace– of mind and everything in between. 😉




2 Responses to “Curious Blues”
  1. AJ says:

    According to my father, "No matter what emotions you may be experiencing, you must allow yourself to do simply one thing…feel. Whether the emotions are of pleasure or not, feel what you are feeling." It is the only way that you come to terms with the evaluation of the mental curtains of your soul. Then again, I'm hoping your ass ain't high lol!

  2. Knowledge says:

    Wise man, your father, but I don’t have to tell you that. He’s absolutely right. Just like with fear there come times when we're faced with the need to confront unpleasant and pleasant thoughts, situations, emotions, it's no different, and that introspection is even more pronounced when it's all internal. Good man. And no, my ass wasn’t high lol!

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