Rebound Lesbian Relationships

b183029900Rebound relationships occur shortly after committed, long-term relationships have ended, and sometimes before the prior relationships end. It happens to almost everyone at some point. The biggest issue surrounding rebounds is whether or not they allow for grieving and most importantly healing to run its course. When this doesn’t happen, there are emotions and feelings that are left unresolved. But the general consensus is that rebounds serve a purpose, often completely self-fulfilling. Despite this, these relationships can be healthy, but that requires deep understanding and communication. Even if one rushes [face] first into a rebound they can certainly take their time within the new found relationship, making sure that extra attention is placed on areas that could be potentially troubling later on.
If you’re using your rebound to make your ex-girlfriend jealous, you’re doing something wrong. If you’re using your rebound to substitute the new for the old, you’re being completely unfair and your relationship will be laced with complications centering on the past. Enjoy it, don’t destroy it. Only you know what you need and want to make yourself happy and bring your heart peace.

Risks are abundant, but there are some things to consider to ensure the beginning stages of the relationship have enough time to slowly develop. When this happens, emotional health is still nurtured and renewed throughout the different stages. I’ve seen some couples on the rebound grow their relationships into loving bonds maintained by trust and again communication. Since the happy endings are still stereotypically in the minority, there are steps to be addressed to ensure you are taking good care of your new partner as well as yourself. Talk about what your intentions are before getting involved, stand your ground, and be clear from the start. When you’ve found the right one, she’ll understand and respect your relationship wishes. More importantly, you’ll be on the same page.
Love should be appreciated for what it was, even if it no longer is exactly as we remember it. That’s one of the tougher lessons I’ve learned to live with and incorporate into my own past and present love life. The experience as a whole shouldn’t be ruined with the interpretation of “what if’s” and dwelling on past negativity. It was enjoyable at a time and in order to live life without regret you must have hope for the future, faith in yourself, and the ability to objectively look at the situation; the good times and the bad. Appreciating or not an old or recent love for what it is or was is to accept your new reality without resentment. When you’re able to remember old times warmly without pining for or against them, you’ll know you’ve reached a new level of mental enlightenment. Feel free to share your thoughts.




9 Responses to “Rebound Lesbian Relationships”
  1. AJ says:

    You know, as humans we need to constantly feel the "high" from that syringe of that poisonous emotion called love. For some reason, it is almost like we are addicts to love and the claws of the salvation that it brings forth. Hence the reason why when we are left with no lover, whether by amicable agreement or force…we tend to feel the need to bow to the gods of "rebound." I have so far observed that there is absolutely no need for this anymore whereas I am concerned. I have now decided to take another rebound. I just want to live, observe, and if the energy is right with that woman, I will love again eventually without rebounds.

  2. Tami says:

    just reminds me how complicated relationships and people in general are. **sigh**
    .-= Tami´s last blog ..Going To The Chapel… =-.

  3. Asia says:

    My friend and I had this conversation over margarita last wednesda.She asked me how I couls freely say that I was IN LOVE with two different people.She said she had never expierenced that.I told her I found myself in that place after I entered very quickly into another relationship without healing or taking the time out to address the underLYING issues with my ex.I realized that because I am a stubborn leo woman I ALWAYS did that.Moved on,cut off ALL communication,and used the next person to fill the time,space,sex and thoughts so that I wouldnt have to address anything from the "past"relationship.CAN WE SAY BAGGAGE!.I often laid next to the next one thinking about the last.Emotionally cheating ALL the time.Im trying to do better now.I realized thats why I couldnt hold any "ship"with someone I had previously dated.No relationship,friendship,or kinship of any kind.Just cut it off and kept it moving refusing to look back to "hurt"the ex by not letting them have ANY access to me.Just a pic on a website they couldnt really get into because of the wonderful private button so many social websites offer.Its wrong and Im growing and this blog helped!

  4. Glennisha Morgan says:

    I think we definitely all need that time to let our emotions air out after just ending a previous relationship. We need that time to heal completely. When people jump directly into something else it always leaves room for someone to get hurt.
    .-= Glennisha Morgan´s last blog ..XXL’s Hip Hop Soul Issue =-.

  5. Donna says:

    I think when relationships end badly, and you are the 'victim', it's easy to find yourself craving a warm body. I agree it's important to fully close doors before you open new ones, not only for the other person involved, but for yourself. Healing is necessary to avoid carrying baggage into a new situation.

  6. Asiauncut says:

    I agree with you Donna

  7. Beelove says:

    I hate being on the rebound…hmm I feel like that's what I've done…ugh.

  8. anna says:

    We are human, human’s seek love and affection and if that comes along at the ‘wrong’ time we still want it and many of us are prepared to ‘risk’ a new relationship soon after another has ended. I have entered into relationships due to lonliness or sadness in the past even which weren’t rebounds – is that anymore healthy? Lots of rebounds work really well, as long as people are honest, decent and communicate. Sometimes rebounds mean that we have to communicate and be more honest than usual which can set the foundations for true emotional intimacy in a relationship. There really are very few ‘shoulds’ when it comes to love and relationships. What works for one, won’t for another!

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