Mind Play



I spent all day dreaming of you
Against the wall while I had my way with you
Didn’t protest or draw away from my attempts
To do so would make the agonizing pleasure more intense
Between hips where the heat from us both seek locked lips
And throbbing recognition in deeper places I know exist 
Mind play is perfect and mental fucking you fuels my need
Not hurried you come as I indulge pussy in place of sleep
Laced juices pouring from your swollen feminine are soaking me
Coating rough in lust from subtle prodding and poking me 
Earnestly I seek in dreams to reach the core of your being love
A woman so gifted with a rhythm that few poets conceive of




3 Responses to “Mind Play”
  1. Vanessa says:

    My mind felt exhausted by the time I finished this…in a good way…
    Steamy, lustful, sexy, erotic, passionate… all of that!

    "Laced juices pouring from your swollen feminine are soaking me"


  2. LaurynX says:

    Awww…real nice one about fantasizing.

  3. AJ says:

    Like I tell V all the time: Great work and keep writing, writing, and writing.

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