Love Potion #10

love_potion_by_angelicsomnolence2I close my eyes while picturing our souls mental depart
A subtle reflection of past harmonic poetry in motion
Reminiscing holding her in my arms trying to climb back inside her heart
Where I’ll spend an eternity creating for her rhythmic love potions
Suddenly realizing that we’ve never had to make love
It’s always been there with her I’ve never had to fake love
I haven’t given up when she crosses my mind those urges are natural
Like a Nubian princess persistent on letting her naps fro
This muse is audacious engaging me in mind to mind combat
Knowing damn well her beautiful aura I construe as a low blow
A glance from those pretty eyes and the walls around me go flat
Internal insecurities she depletes and guides toward the path to release
Any and all fears once held she’s determined to decease within me
She’s got me sprung like a panther in a cage too small for captivity
Enslaved is my mind well beyond sexual activity
What she awakens is something akin to a nonfatal infatuation
My boi’s sweat me as they long for their own dose of romantic sedation
And no one can touch the love and affection behind her gentlest kiss
Or the firm hugs I incite myself to wrapping her spirit in
The way she compliments my fortitude and makes sense of my intricacies
She loves when I wrap my tongue flowing around words intelligently
She Afflicts Me
With abracadabra’s surrounded by a weaved web of hocus pocus
Attracts all my attention as I long to nestle and kiss where the small of her neck is
Her patience is amazing enough to inspire a symphony orchestra
Puts a grin on these lips when my words rouse her in ways no one else does
And I’ve memorized her demeanor and the perfect framing of her face
Every inch permanently marked not an area left behind or untraced
Time changes nothing she wrote that ever-lasting notion of recognition
No more prodding between us just understanding deep intuition
No more reciprocity via mentals
A focus on life and fulfilling set goals
Adoring the girl behind those pretty lines
Filling Her Halves With My Wholes




3 Responses to “Love Potion #10”
  1. Vanessa says:

    As always…I have to read two and three times… you work demands that..
    Your choice of words and flow create a musicality that pokes and prods exactly where it is intended…
    Like an attack missile reaching its target…
    I felt every word.

  2. Vanessa says:

    umm your work* lol

  3. AJ says:


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