I’ll Make You Come Again


I have inhaled and exhaled the lovemaking you have distributed upon my mind
and from your sensuality I never want to exchange adieus. 
The depth of your passionate fluxing defines the epiphany of inner beauty and it is one of the many things I’ve sought and found in you.
You are more than sexy you are my consummate ecstasy
and damn I can’t quell this mind-blowing want for thee.
I want to ravage you gently yet with abandon.
Multiple culminations of your trembling body.
The end result of a steady descent from your heart
To your deepest most intimate parts
where my core connected to your romantic soul. 
May I contemplate you taking me to a higher place?
To feel your skin
And plant kisses all over your beautiful face.
Smooth complexion
Wanting to overpower your emotions and induce within
Over and over again. 
I want to consume you completely
this I admit.
The desire to feast upon you
thoroughly succulent.
Just to feel the sensations your body depicts
When I whisper sweet nothings into its intricate aspects.
And rumblings from within tell me your body is on the verge
of reacting for me and
I’d dominate your anatomy front to back.
Ingest your taste
While keeping up a
steady pace that I direct.
I’d want to expose you to a pleasant surprise
That I’d been holding
As if attached to me inside.
You’d beg me
to incite within you my powerfully given rhythm
so your body can try to resist coming for me yet again.
I’d want to be the intricate part of your body’s declaration of dependence
To my sensuality and soon after writing this sentence
I’d want to be your insatiable delight
As you’ve already taken the place of no one else previously
and have just as decidedly become my mariposa – mi butterfly. 
I want to be your thoughts.
Your unconditional desires heartache.
I’m going to write of my longings without limitation or restraint
To one worthy of a bond formed between the lines of mind play 
Truth flows in the very message
of one filled with the many complexities necessary
to sustain a thorough craving of one who could only have been blessed to me.
In a world where pen is overpowering to paper
Baby, I’d be the pen
and you’d be the paper.




3 Responses to “I’ll Make You Come Again”
  1. AJ says:

    Be Da' Vinci; draw her desires. Be Michael Angelo; sculpture the core of her erotic needs. Well done.

  2. LaurynX says:

    Damnit you're gonna have me runnin out of compliments for your poems one of these days!

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