The Sneaky Cheater’s Masquerade Ball

Johnny Jei Le

You could
hoist legs over shoulders
curl toes and put smiles on
her face at midnight
stuck in prose
while kisses slide across lips.
And even then
my words resonate
as she longs for long gone moments.

I could comb out my fro
’till it’s puffed, au natural.
Like a dandelion
before a soft wind
where my silly laughter
still soothes her
On hot nights and weekends.

I could cut off my hair and pick my brain.
Provide you the understanding
of her secret love language.
I’d even show you how to caress her mental:
Stare deep into her eyes
while fucking her gently – Spread Eagle.

Believe me,
my words will withstand,
time’s never been an issue.
I didn’t write you into her existence 
it’s God’s gift, spare sentimentals.
And remember this, Miss Pretty Young Thing
you could just as easily be written back out of the scenes.

And no discontent you show me
will dictate my movements.
Cause just like me
you like learning your lessons tough.
Realize it’s only hot cause the flames I sparked still burnin’ up.

Silly Little Rabbit
I could blow your mind
Professor, “you are not the father.”
‘Cause What You Don’t Realize’
You are my knight in shining armor
I thank you
For walking better in my shoes than I do 
except in my bedroom
Where “tigers” earn their stripes 
By putting heartbeats past neutral.

Stuff I’m spittin’ you don’t like?
Well then don’t believe this dyke
This story teller was born to write
Even when the lovin’ wasn’t right

You wittle twittabug you
whining about others masquerades.
You’ll even stop fronting behind her wordplay
one of these days.
Its not about what’s outside
it’s all about content.
Yet you wonder why your presense wasn’t protested
when you and I first met.

I left her ripe and ready for you
And most importantly; I left
I won’t allow no misconstrue
Before I end this take and give
And since you’re making comparisions
Then very well
My girl does pale
If we’re comparing skin tones that is.

Laugh out loud
Papi Chulo number two. 
That name’s been whispered ‘cross my pearl tongue
countless times before you.




5 Responses to “The Sneaky Cheater’s Masquerade Ball”
  1. vanessa says:

    aye aye aye! This was…ummm…really powerful and packed with STRONG impactful words.

    "I left her ripe and ready for you

    And most importantly; I left"

    "you could just as easily be written back out of the scenes"

    ^^^^^^^ Priceless!!!!
    .-= vanessa´s last blog ..The spot at the end of the hall… =-.

  2. AJ says:

    Based on what I saw Saturday night, you have all right to write freely. I guess "Miss Pretty Young Thing" ain't pretty afterall eh? Bitchassness is infecting again. Well done. You did not go overboard here buddy.

  3. LaurynX says:

    Well I don't know what happened Sat., but I have to say this is prob a fav of mine. 🙂

  4. Evolving says:

    Fierce I like it… Words really do speak loud!
    .-= Evolving´s last blog ..The fantasy… Pt. 2 =-.

  5. Asiauncut says:

    OH EMM GEE.This puts the ink I spent defending your honor to shame and dims the light on what we already know;You are the word RAPIST! Ive said it before and will say it again and again and ,oh sorrygot kinda carried awaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy. I know how i LOVE my name on repeat too~muffled in my blackest of the sweetest pearls~ wink

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