The Rocks

rocksThis moment feels right.
I can hear the crash of ever-gushing waves
rushing to the ends of the shore and back.
I remember falling in love as the sun set behind us.
It spread over your heart and calmed an uneasy spirit
and I imprinted that moment in my mind.
I can smell the Northern Great Lakes
rising freshwater from bottoms deep
flowing faster than daydreams that carry altered meaning.
I remember catching a darker tan where the sun misled my skin,
melting my heart
as I let it reach deeper in.
I can feel the warmth in our embrace
and I know you care.
I remember reaching for your hand
as we watched the sun resist the moons dares.
My heart was full and when I turned to look at you
a beautiful face looked back, reflecting all the skies hues.
We lived in that moment and loved wildly,
us two.




6 Responses to “The Rocks”
  1. AJ says:

    Wide and massive like the deep blue waters that cuddles the world. Well expressed poetry.

  2. Glennisha Morgan says:

    .-= Glennisha Morgan´s last blog ..Second to Writing =-.

  3. Tomboy Tigress says:

    This is tight! A reflection of a deeply romantic heart…beautifully done. 🙂

  4. Knowledge says:

    Aww, thank you so much for the love on this one. This poem is close to my heart. It's always such a great thing to have ones work appreciated.

  5. Knowledge says:

    Thanks, TT, I always enjoy it when you share your thoughts.

  6. LaurynX says:

    Yep, needed this. I'm drawn more to love poems right now lately anyway. The erotic stuff just frustrates me (haha).

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