STUD; Dispelling The Myths by Azaan Kamau


With permission from the author I present to you STUD; Dispelling The Myths. I poured through the first 15 pages of the book and before I did that, I knew I would would not want to stop reading. The title alone brings a smile to my face and places renewed hope in my heart. The voice, visibility, and intellectual food being fed to those who do not understand, who’ve never cared to dig deeper into the lives of Studs; masculine-identified women, is an empowering feeling and Azaan’s book hits the mark squarely in the eye. For those who do, prepare to be enlightened once again after reading this heartfelt, collective outpouring.  

I encourage you to check out and read the first 15 pages of this soul food for thought by following the link below:

STUD, Dispelling The Myths was written to dispel the myths about being a stud/masculine identified woman in the SGL/lgbtq community, here or abroad. There are several myths and misguided beliefs that come from people who are entranced by negative media, or just  have never been in the presence of a stud. There are also those instances where a person or people have had a negative experience with a stud/masculine woman, therefore they place every masculine woman in that same category.  It’s like seeing a cover of book; you really don’t know the contents until you read it, right? People are so quick to judge a book by it’s cover.  

Just because a person dresses a certain way or walks with a swagga, does not equate to her wanting to be a man or that she hates herself.  This book was written to educate people of all walks of life including the SGL/lgbtq community.  Just from personal experience, I have witnessed people in this community passing judgment without getting to know the individual.  You would think it would be a better understanding, more acceptance in this community, but outside of the Christian communities, SGL/lgbtq communities are next in line with the stereotyping and the negativity.  This must stop. 
 The images beautiful and brilliant, depicting stud lesbians as they are, not how society deems them to be. 
The content of this book is packed with everything.  It’s funny, educational, empowering and painful.  This is the type of book that once you start reading, you don’t want to put it down.  There is a message in everything written in the book.  I believe that this book will teach people that it is ok to express your feeling, even the painful ones.  To set themselves free and just be….
I believe everyone of every race, religion and culture can thrive from this book. The book is very well written with an exceptional spiritual and sociological perspective. This is gay literature and poetry at its very best! 
I think Azaan wrote this book because it has been calling to her soul for many years.  Being a Stud, masculine identified woman, she has endured so many things since she was a child and noticed that she was different from other little girls.  Being constantly reminded by family and others that she and her friends were dykes, bulldaggers, and that they were perverted, she felt compelled to do something about it as a child, but didn’t know how.  She knew a long time ago that she was no different than anyone else and decided that it’s time to change the world’s perception.  It’s time to get rid of the stereotypes, the labeling, the name calling and let people be who they are. 
The special guest commentary and interviews are made up of prolific amazing butch/stud writers, poets, performers; DJ Nova Jade, LEGEND, QUE, and Damnyo!  

Azaan’s upcoming projects consist of numerous books and a fragrance/perfume company! Two of Azaan’s upcoming books are STUD; The Diaries of Sex & Sexuality & The Memoirs of Madlyn F. Glover; The Love & Romance with Ray Charles Robinson!  


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5 Responses to “STUD; Dispelling The Myths by Azaan Kamau”
  1. Chanel says:

    I'll be checkin this out and refrring it to my gf. Thanks!!

  2. LaurynX says:

    I've heard of this book before be hadn't checked it out. I think I will now.

  3. KendraK says:

    I bought the book, and was blown away! It's not just for studs, it's about people, love, and community!

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