Rainbow Roses


I like my roses rainbow
I’m talkin’ my feminine Viva La Revolution type of roses
Rockin’ a graphic pride shirt
And a tightly fitted camouflage skirt
The perfect companion for my dyke rebellion
The type to march arm-to-arm
then kiss in each other’s arms
I like my roses the opposite of straight
The type that doesn’t need me to flourish
but she nourishes anyway
She defines her life’s purpose
And identity doesn’t fall prey
to others misdirection
The type to live up to my hype
and understand the words I type
The kind of rose that’ll make a motherfucker
Wanna uprise –




7 Responses to “Rainbow Roses”
  1. mspachy says:

    I really like this one. You stimulate my mental senses with your words. I know you've heard it often but I will say it anyway, never stop writing….you truly are gifted.

  2. Bball4life says:

    What a great piece! You captivate the essence of rainbow roses with an array of emotions. Thanks for sharing!

  3. TomboyTigress says:

    "The kind of rose that'll make a motherfucker wanna uprise"-I love that!! You are an incredible writer, I love your style. Keep shining.:)

  4. LaurynX says:

    I think I'm all smiles after reading this one.
    .-= LaurynX´s last blog ..Mississippi Damned =-.

  5. Vanessa says:

    Damn she sounds HOT! =) Wish I were an artist to paint a picture of her based on your description…I can visualize her!

  6. Boi Blue says:

    *Head down with my fist in the air, rockin' a rainbow wristband* Yup.
    .-= Boi Blue´s last blog ..Conflicted Addiction =-.

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