Once Upon A Rope

Alice Aires

we play tug of love
with heart shaped – tightly knotted rope
pulled roughly between
double spaced
and double laced
scrivened slopes.
we compose in subconscious
back and forth
low and high notes.
and I confess
to fucking
and loving every word. 
everytime the light bulb
turned on your kinky nerd.
and all your secret doors
were unlocked, 
from the garden
to the shed 
consenting lovers set up shop.
Sailed fingertips across throbbing nips
touched and rubbed on erotic elements.
like a blind woman in heat,
i ached
for your
Braille movements.
you wrote in tune,
with my hips,
gyrating  hard against papyrus
and I fell 
transfixed by
your comprises.
if it’s possible
to fall in love more than lust,
psycho babbling aside
i could live without lust.
without eating another piece of the pie,
if you are the chorus
then orchestra is the sky.
i’m still falling 
you reach out to me
and indulge me
in playfully
trivial conversations
without regard
forgetting even
playboys have hearts.
we bend,
and sway
like trees,
in recognition,
an epiphany,
another day
before discovering
i’m all you’ll  ever need.
even if you do believe,
you could never be
=enough for me= 

image by: Alice Aires




5 Responses to “Once Upon A Rope”
  1. Mellogyrl says:

    This is just exceptionally written…
    your play with words are amazing "Sailed fingertips across throbbing nips" & "i ached for your Braille movements."
    Love it! Raw emotion 🙂
    .-= Mellogyrl´s last blog ..My current Life!!! =-.

  2. Knowledge says:

    I appreciate you reading this. Thank you so much. =)

  3. Pro says:

    this was absolutelyn exquisite

  4. vanessa says:

    i cant tell you how much i loved this..

    have you ever had someone massage your aching back…

    after a long hard day…

    the sensations it sends through your entire body…

    this was a mental massage…

    .-= vanessa´s last blog ..There you go… =-.

  5. blueinthefaceangel says:

    /oh that gave me the shivers reading it..yummy
    .-= blueinthefaceangel´s last blog ..Top 100 hottest butches! =-.

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