My Addiction

An addict in lust
Is awakened from
An emerging slumber

“My love, you beckoned?” 
Want me to come on strong
Take you over and under
All day and night long
Fingering my way inside
Your wet sloppy cunt
fulfilling far greater than
merely an addiction
Pussy was made for me
And if I smoked the sticky
It’d be my green
and I’d huff and puff and…
Sss.. sss.. suck
No cough
I hold it down 
cause I’m greedy 
as fuck 
while spreading your seed 
all over me
Any second now
You’ll be trembling
As legs quickly follow suit
Trepidations escaping
A clenching of muscles
Rough sex in the making
From underneath and between folds
Of irises and clitorises
Hard grinding the result of
Soft moans and uncontrollable fits
Where tips of nips touch
Before breasts intertwine
Firm and delicious
Like a record in rewind
I define our contact
Never once throwing off
My desire from its track
Your melody; deep within
pussy juices untapped
kissing along your edges  
perfect aligning of your lips
I am at one with you
buried between contoured hips
Sucking entirely
Engorged in a sea of your mist 
with each lick and suck
and kiss you feel different
Working under your hood
Tonguing fiercely at best
Then again gentle
less fury in my licks
Two fingers
Deep Inside 
You could burst any minute
Going in the for kill
But I resist
sweat dripping
I feel  
and want
To sink further into your lid
dive deeper into it
Third finger wet against
moisture sought from puffy lips
wearing sexy lust filled grins 
performing masterful tongue flips 
where bed and bodies do extend
Don’t stop!
you cry out
while wrought in multiple orgasms
A gripping tight of dripping cum

as pussies throb in unison.




6 Responses to “My Addiction”
  1. Bball4life says:

    Take a bow!Thank God I had *faded to black* earlier before reading this piece! Your words grabbed me and put me in back to the place I was 2 hours ago! Very sensual and sexual all fused into one…BRAVO!
    .-= Bball4life´s last blog ..Pre-Emptynest Syndrome =-.

  2. Mellogyrl says:

    Phenomenal work!!! Loving the artwork as well!!!
    .-= Mellogyrl´s last blog ..“Alonely” =-.

  3. knowledge says:

    So glad yall were feeling this one! I thoroughly enjoyed creating it. The picture… as lovely as it is, cannot be claimed by me, but I thought it a fitting companion. I appreciate the love.

  4. vanessa says:

    wow! this was alive and pulsing…each line felt like the beat of a pounding heart, and the next line like the throbbing of an open pussy. was like the story behind an erotic painting of two women so intertwined you cant tell what body part belongs to who. this was the perfect pc for me to read before getting into my favorite after work activity. thank you does not say enough.
    .-= vanessa´s last blog ..blow your mind =-.

  5. Azaan says:

    Dayum Sis, that was hott! I ain't mad atcha! LOL

  6. Serenity says:

    "Sss.. sss.. suck
    No cough
    I hold it down
    cause I’m greedy as fuck"
    Hahah yesss I love that!

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