Movie Review: Taken


Liam Neeson is a great action hero. He makes you believe that you don’t want to feel his wrath. The problem with Taken is, “Why the hell would anyone want to save that that spoiled brat “Kim”, played by Maggie Grace. She was great as a spoiled, shallow, self centered, rich, bitch. The action scenes were great as Bryan Mills, played by Liam Neeson, was everything a super hero is supposed to be. He kills and or shoots everyone he comes in contact with, well almost everyone. His ex-wife Lenore, played by Famke Janssen, all her old friends call her Len, which pisses her off, was also quite good as an ex-wife that like the rich life she has obtained, somehow no one knows.

How did it go? Well here it is; rich girls goes to Europe to follow the U-2 tour, gets captured by Albanians, father goes to Paris and kills all of the Albanians  and a few Arabs just to keep up with the times and takes daughter home, the end.
Now for the “what the fuck” Who was the girl Bryan saves? Did she get home? Was she happy? Did anyone else get saved by the Paris Police after Bryan shot up the Whore Houses? Why didn’t Kim ask about the girl she went to Paris with? How did Bryan not get shot? Are all Albanians that inept? When they get back to the good old USA Bryan is going to take a cab from the airport? Why didn’t Kim want to make him part of her life after he saved her from the Albanian Prostitute ring and the Sheik that had bought her at an auction?
One of the best scenes was when Bryan shot the wife of the Paris police deputy director of Internal Security who use to be his friend, YOU THINK? Now that was Liam just having fun with his gun.
Go for the action but don’t look for a story.

By John Drew  

Gainesville, FL




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  1. mspachy says:

    This review was right on target!

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