Truth Be Told

 turned the table as I scribbled down uncertainties
Caused my pen discontent cause writers contemplate everything
Like the what’s when’s and why’s comprised in literature and poetry
Yet contrast was stark when eyes were especially glued onto me
Didn’t lay claim to any heartbeats as they fluttered about openly
Writing of repaired broken hearts sans suicide tendencies
I manipulated words while you tweaked and twirked music sheets
Even whole truths I’d tell when the deck was stacked against me
Caused blood and guts to pour out as fragmented sentiments cut deep
Stubborn brown skin woman, our characteristics were in sync
We juggled hearts and gave cause to polyrhythmic uprisings
You spun historical records intensely
Summarized shattered dreams where tucked beneath seams intently
Veins quickly depleted while blood flowed fast and ran freely
Watched crimson tides muddied march while music cascaded serenely
Listen closely as I acknowledge all of my insecurities
My ability to write wrongs about things you don’t think are dear to me
And compose in persistent, disassociated synthesis
You crossed base lines and we parried with scratch pads and polished sentences
How did my crazy love become your favorite band of cynicism?
Watched you force feed from dusty crates with an admiration undisciplined
I dug your spectrum and the way your sounds waved in continuity
I liked the way you’d break, build and loop tracks in between battling
Slanted in best penmanship we chicken scratched words genuinely
And I realize there is poetry that will take you higher than me
Dope lines laced by heroines who slam harder 
There is no trickery worse than a friend striking after defeat
It was insane the way it ended; no conversation or arguing
I won’t hide behind imagery and wordplay to defuse the parting
I won’t deceive and disguise myself in tough girl clothes for anybody
There’s no shattered pride or broken hearts when you close the door on a poet
‘Cause potent opinions, like assholes blow up in smoke any way you roll it
To put it blunt-ly I wrote one last letter heading titled “Truth Be Told” 
Whether or not you bind the spell my tongue game’s proven solid gold
Did I take the tip and smother you with a serum that powerful?
Whatever your reason – I’ll see you again – across another horizon: parallel



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