Quasi Coherent Ramblings I

If she could reside in the same space as I,
She would understand.
Warm nights all snuggled up tight.
Down in the dumps?
Baby girl will make it right.
Stress on the job and the damn economy.
Don’t worry about a thing.
I got your back.
– Papi
She tried to turn you into me.
From the red line stop down on 46th Street.
To the L train depot just a block from Diversy.
You’d be near me, as close as you desire.
Not quite as close as when I was playing with fire.
From a distance, I feel your heart longing to be rescued.
Eyes as narrow as a half-moon lighting an entire vestibule.
The complexion of a mirrored reflection, and moles resembling freckles.
Hair curly when she wants, silkier than a mid-August sun.
And a laugh so damn infectious, you can hear it whenever you want.
That’s all that it was.
I see your heart even though you try to hide it from me.
Listen closely, two bad relationships will never equal a good one.
As far as the insecurity goes; not a good look.
I stare at the sunset from the roof of my condo building.
Not longing to hold her and hoping her thoughts reflect my feeling. 
I just want understanding on a couple of things really. 
Why must you be her superwoman, always trying to save a hoe.
Although superwoman saves the day, you’re crafted from a different mold.
Those powers stopped working for you just over a year ago.
When her empty sentiments about my past disappointments, and every update she’d give you could barely set your heart afloat.
You can’t always save the day or penetrate force fields by knocking game.
Cherish and fight for your love babe.
Cause I like the fight in you.
I would just appreciate if you wouldn’t bring it outside my open window.
Take uncertain defeat and fly it far away from me.
Persevere as best you can through any technical difficulties.




One Response to “Quasi Coherent Ramblings I”
  1. Vanessa says:

    i can see you are 'unblocked'
    loved the flow…you never disappoint.
    looking forward to part II

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