We Want Our Country Back

Che_Guevara__s_Message_by_BenHeineOh, is that so? You want it back from the half black man we elected months ago? Or is there some other fear which serves to threaten your resolve? The fact that no one’s really listening because whether you like it or not, health care is here to stay and soon it’ll be a free for all. Of course they’ll say, there are more important issues stirring the cooking pot right now. For instance, after Bush and Co. royally fucked the economy, the housing market came tumbling down. Obama made the pitch for change and hope through optimistic triumph. Though it appears some Americans believe our country’s assests belong to China. Their votes no longer count and on capital hill it’s politics as usual. You can be liberal or conservative but if you claim to be moderate you’re delisional. Both the government and private sectors have taken over control from the people. Control we never had to begin with, hence feeble threats deemed unreasonable. Let’s be completely honest and admit that we’re constantly mind fucked by the system. Don’t get me started on the news and even worse; talk radios “yes men”. Health care in the US is coming up with fast approach. An overstated reality unless you’re a “conserv-a-hoe”. Republicans and Democrats, come together for the sake of decency. The garbage of hate feigning its spread while damaged minds continue to feed.  A downfall of Democracy lies in its easily bred ignorance when being confronted with facts.  When we’re met with sick indifference we the people must fight against it. You, Americans you, stop riding fences “stand up and fight!” Our troubles affect all citizens, young and old and black and white.
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One Response to “We Want Our Country Back”
  1. SteadyCat says:

    They want their country back because we no longer think that it is their right to be in control.
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