Love Story

This love story scares me and thrills me all at once
It began in the most complicated of circumstances
Love is the glue that binds two
To hold on tight
To the one that you feel the most some lonely nights
It is the emotion which can set free or put over edge
Thrust into a wild ride – fighting not to lose ones head
But it was lost at  first touch which brings me back to us
The beginnings and newness of our intense relations
Surrounding passions that were potent and fierce from day one
We exchanged notes back and forth until we rope tied each others tongues
Together we worked our way toward a deep seated – heavy lust
Coupled with a longing that with time eventually would grow to love
What brings about this sensually arousing craving
Moist at the thought of roughing you up in the softest places
My fingers gently caressing and map questing their way to waist lines
Refined grooves that bare the pathway to the grand prize
Flowing silky wrapped into a suckable button of ecstasy
We part ways and legs while listening to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face
Taste my tongue water
At the thought of pleasing you
I look into eyes
That reflect a soul so beautiful
I am overwhelmed and captivated all at once
The way you grin that lip biting smile of yours
When I glance at you knowingly
It feels like love
The way your hands roam my body
Had me at first touch
Remember that night
God, do I remember that night
I saw you standing there out of the corner of my eye
No, you were walking toward me looking rather pleasing
Seeking me just the same as I sought you; with meaning
I found you first and waited for our eyes to connect
For recognition to set in for those first few minutes
Before pouncing on you as faces expressed our minds
Then holding you in my arms for the first time
I will never forget that night baby-girl
As I am 100% certain of what my future holds
Temper your fears, don’t allow restlessness to unfold
You listened intently and revelead passions I’d never known
You opened your heart
Let me inside, then it hit me
This ride I resigned to take you on isn’t a novelty
Before you there wasn’t another that could fulfill my needs
Or bring to my life any real purpose that I could see
You were more than I could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams
You melted my heart and ever since then, for you it fiends
We go deeper than deep – full circle – L-O-V-E  





6 Responses to “Love Story”
  1. Born In Iniquity says:

    I saw you standing there out of the corner of my eye

    No, you were walking toward me looking rather pleasing

    Seeking me just the same as I sought you; with meaning

    You are a BEAST with the words man… LOVED this piece!

  2. Vanessa says:

    oh i loved this! very HOT!

    "Together we worked our way toward a deep seated – heavy lust"

    the best feeling… when every part of you has to have her.

  3. Knowledge says:

    Thanks a lot bruh.

    Coming from you, that's what's up.

    Peace man.

  4. Knowledge says:

    perfectly put, V.

    with your brilliantly poetic comments 😉

  5. TomboyTigress says:

    This was beautifully written…a perfectly penned rendition of what sounds like an amazing, sensual and loving connection. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  6. Mellogyrl says:

    Wow!!! LOVED this!!!
    Hot n Sweet, what a sensual ride to your destination of love!!!
    .-= Mellogyrl´s last blog ..Searching =-.

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