Ten Random Monday Mumblings V. 1

  • Blogging:

When commenting on a post it’s always a good idea to include a link back to your web page in the URL section. I’ve noticed that people often don’t check their URL for accuracy after typing it into the text box and guess what? The address you’re pointing people to could be misspelled so you’re essentially sending interested individuals to a broken link i.e. they will not be able to access your page because the address was typed incorrectly. Be sure to double-check your web address for accuracy before posting your comment to ensure proper linkage.

  • Twitter:

For the benefit of some of my friends who happen to be utterly inept when it comes to some of the more useful twitter tidbits, heed my words, damnit. On the left side of your twitter homepage, under the “Home” section is a name that highlights and looks something like this: ex. @studwithswag. Normally you’ll see the @ sign followed by whatever name you signed up with on twitter. If you click that link you will be shown a scrolling list of every single message someone has sent to you using the reply feature. This list includes messages dating back to your initial join date to the most recent, up to the second. When you see the section titled “Tweets mentioning @yourtwittername” you can scroll down the list and either save the tweet as a favorite by clicking on the star inside the message, or you can reply to the person by clicking the arrow pointing left. Remember that if you choose to reply to the message it will be publicly visible. To send private messages that will not display on your public twitter wall, click “Direct Messages” and you can send a message to a friend that will be for “their eyes-only.”

  • Politics:

I was initially disappointed with Scotland’s brand of “compassionate” justice, which granted the release of Al-Maegrahi, the only terrorist found guilty in the Pan Am flight 103 bombing where 259 people on board and 11 on the ground were killed. Oddly enough, his release is in stark contrast to the policies of the Bush administration with their indefinite detention without due process, aka Gitmo and Co. disaster. What does all this really mean? For starters, compassion is not a gift only bestowed upon the most deserving. This begs the question of whether this convicted terrorist’s release is a result of capitulation by a weak and pandering nation or is it a courageous move in the face of hostility and international outrage from people who seemingly not only want justice enforced, but vengeance as well? Al-Maegrahi’s conviction has been rumored for years to be a smoke screen with the real terrorists still on the loose. It’s been said that he was convicted based on flimsy evidence, less all the facts, and a verdict of guilt that’s been in doubt since its initial handing down. It’s a wonder if we will ever learn the truth with all the finger pointing in full effect. Four countries are at the core of the debate; UK, Scotland, Libya and the US. What we know at this point is that his release means an appeal will never be granted, heard or taken to trail. He will die as he was charged: a guilty man. I have heard talk of a tell-all book he’s planning or has already written. He will use it as a platform to proclaim and perhaps highlight his innocence. Scotland has a legal system that is wholly independent and one that allows for compassionate release. Al-Maegrahi qualified and thus was released. In my opinion, his release on any grounds says more about the quality or lack of evidence used against him. We Americans are an interesting lot. Either a country doesn’t administer enough justice, administers it too harshly or isn’t administering it against the right people nearly enough. What we need to do is take a step back, reflect on the holes and cracks that have plagued our very own justice system. Consider the fact that the United States has the harshest justice system of any advanced country in the Democratic free world.

  • When Pigs Fly:

The second wave of swine flu is expected to hit soon. That’s on top of the regular wave of flu that hits every year around the same time. My advice: Use hand sanitizers and wash your hands like you’ve got a bad case of OCD during the winter months. Keep in mind that antibiotics can’t do anything to combat a virus. Antibiotics are potent against bacterial infections, but not against the flu of any kind. Stay healthy.

  • Gaming:

Three words: World Of Warcraft. I took an over-extended hiatus from the game I love and now I’m finally looking forward to playing again after the expansion is released. What expansion is that you ask? Why, it’s Cataclysm and I’m very excited with what I’ve read and seen so far. Addictions I’m looking forward to the most:

Two new races: Goblins (Horde) and Worgen (Alliance)

Level cap rose from 80 to 85

Classic Zones Being Revamped

New race and class combos. I’ve got dibs on a Tauren Rogue.

Flying mounts in Azeroth – Awesome.

  • WTF:

What the fuck is up with the “shaken baby” game app designed for the iPhone? Seriously, what the fuck? Not only is this a rhetorical “what were you thinking,” but what were the people at Apple thinking when they approved the baby shaking game? Eeesh.

  • Health Care:

I bet insurance companies never imagined even in their wildest dreams the sheer number of people they’d have lobbying for them in the health care debate against the evil almighty US government. In fact, these unpaid lobbyists have been gouged by their insurance companies for years, yet they remain loyal despite the fact that the insurances and drug companies at at the heart of the debate. The chants of “we want choice” are getting old. It’s should be obvious to anyone with a brain that the choice insurance companies speak of isn’t really choice at all. You get to choose between two crappy providers, but are they in network or out of network, non-covered or covered, and then you have to worry about the deductible. Let’s not talk about prescription medicine. Actually, let’s briefly discuss. How is it choice when your doctor chooses to offer you affordable, generic medication, but your insurance company will not approve it because they have a substantial contract with the brand name drug manufacturer, so not only are you paying more for your prescription, you didn’t have a choice in the matter to begin with. Neither did your doctor. This is not choice people, it’s private health care doing what it does best, over-charging and under-lying. This is not resigned to one particular private health care provider, it’s pretty much all of them.

  • Speaking of which

The United States is the only wealthy industrial nation that doesn’t have universal health-care and the only one that wasn’t working toward it before President Obama was elected. To add, socialism’s primary ideology is to provide “free and equal access to resources for all individuals” – Socialism, Wikipedia

People should be willing to sacrifice and pay to aid in the elimination of poverty and inequality. Christians lacking compassion. Fancy that.

  • Vacation:

“Oh noes, President Obama and family are traveling to Martha’s Vineyard for a week long vacation. The horror, I mean the nerve, I mean “oh no he di’int”! He could have just as easily vacationed at his faux ranch in Texas while spending the better part of the fictional nearly month long vacation clearing brush as hurricanes ravage the Gulf of Caprini Green.” Or something ridiculous like that.

Seriously, when the president is criticized for going on a week long vacation at summer’s end with his beautiful wife and two young daughters, you know there’s nothing but haterade in the whine.

  • Idiocy

Shouldn’t these idjits be complaining about poor, uninsured people stealing their health insurance money or something.






2 Responses to “Ten Random Monday Mumblings V. 1”
  1. Tami says:

    good observations…i like your randomness!
    .-= Tami´s last blog ..I’m Engaged! =-.

  2. Muoi Bazin says:

    I told my wife that a husband is like a fine wine; he gets better with age. The next day, she locked me in the cellar.

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