Stow The Ugly Rhetoric

mp_main_wide_ObamaPhillySpeechThe not so bright, but vocal minority are showing their true colors once again. I mean, seriously, this is not the first time a president has given a formal speech addressing the  school children of our nation.  Presidents throughout the history of America have done so, including Reagan, Bush Sr. and Jr. In fact, President Bush was sitting in a middle school classroom reading to children the day, no, the minute the country was attacked by terrorists on 9/11. I assume they have either forgotten or have resigned themselves to being brainwashed by rabid conservative discord and left over discontent from the bag of fail they were handed at the presidential election. People, wake up and stop perpetuating your stupidity upon your children who are obviously much better off in school learning from a text book and being encouraged to stay in school by the President of the United States. Nice message you’re sending your children, idiots.

Lake City Reporter

People who watch conservative TV programs have come out swinging. They are using the typical scare tactics: “brainwash,” “socialist indoctrination” and “communism.” President Ronald Reagan made the phrase, “Here We Go Again” quite famous during the presidential debates of 1980. I would like to bring it back concerning the uproar over President Barack Obama scheduled to school children Tuesday: “Here We Go Again.”

Whenever the president of the United States wants to encourage American children to stay in school, we should all stand up and support him. I believe that the office of the president deserves respect. There will be plenty of time to talk about the pros and cons of the president’s speech. Right now, we should just relax, stop the ugly rhetoric and allow our president to give his speech. Think for yourself, try not to repeat “TV sound bites,” try not to resend hateful e-mails and try to be and American and support your president.

John Mullion




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