Sometimes The World Sucks

It’s not always obvious, but it’s often staring you in the face.
It’s a feeling, a sickness; an evil called hate.
News and media are filled with it, although most can’t even relate.
Writers and poets are all too aware and through their words retaliate.
Hate means “intense dislike, to feel antipathy or an aversion towards.”
Not concerned with the good in others just the judging that often occurs.
Innocents killed, in pursuit of truth, when all along they were waging war.
Pride and arrogance allows its stay, while leaders worship the dollar more.
Governments are just as guilty as the religious politicians they protect.
Illegal wars, being fought in waves, declared by a twice-marred president.
The terrorists they seek wreak havoc on people in pursuit of power and control.
Hence the killing of civilian’s — place terrorists’ lives above the law.

If good begets good – evil begets evil.
Two wrongs don’t make a right, yet both create states of upheaval.
Morality falters as we witness hunger, poverty and a world at war.
Children forced to take up arms, then returned to a home that’s been war-torn.
For those in power, education is not as important as winning the next election.
The importance is placed on bling blinging instead of on sexual protection.
The world is restless to its core, the consequences of an uneasy dichotomy.
The current state of the world at large is a reminder that we need our autonomy.
The knowledge that power corrupts the best of us is proof enough of our own fallacy.
The SEC and Federal Reserve won’t stop considering the dollar bill almighty.
And the disconnect between Wall Street and those fueling the economy is deceiving.
Ah, but for now it seems that the powers that be will get paid to postpone the Revolution indefenitely.its-cute-to-be-a-hateful



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