Strap It Up

dani lebeaux

We bounce off each other

And I love the feel

Of your female muscle

Every time you let go

I take your motions in slow

Knowing that come tomorrow

Abs will be sore down low

For a while we don’t touch

I tower over a glistening body

Only sweat between us

A promise to cross all boundaries

There’s something I want deep inside 

Show me the heart I insist on seeing

Into your flesh I want to bite

But not enough to incite your screams

You whisper softly “Can you now Papi?”

Please… strap it up?”

You suffocate ecstacy when you plead

Each time you beg me to be fucked

You hold on tight

Afraid to be spilled

Spread legs wide as a windowsill

In that moment we are connected 

I’m your distinguishing mark


Body language won’t shut up

Producing moans I don’t want to stop

I lick tongue across lips

Yearning to penetrate Pandora’s box

I have a dirty mind

Moving forward when you gestured closer

Twisted in positions that felt incredible

With odd shapes highlitghing the floorboards

And the night as long as this poem

Loving every bit of what was in store

Deep breaths taken in

Through unsubtle suggestive movements

Desires on a whole other level

Intent on rhythmic g-spot soothing

You groaned seductively

When I snapped out quick

Up and down slick on your clit

Souls detached from Aphrodite’s dance

Karma sutras what’s been practiced

Realize you never had a chance

I pump like oxygen’s not coincidence 

Curl toes in multiples 

Have you muttering audibles

Now open wider

So I can put my all in you




4 Responses to “Strap It Up”
  1. TomboyTigress says:

    Oh Knowledge you put it down in this one!! Incredibly sexy scene penned with skill that leaves one feeling as if they *have* just watched. (Nice graphic too–I found it a humorous touch :))

  2. laurynx says:

    🙂 Loves it.
    .-= laurynx´s last blog ..X-Posted: Sex is NOT a four letter word! =-.

  3. Mellogyrl says:

    Loved it!!! but even though the pic says i can't watch!! i sure felt like i just did!!
    You possess the power to do that!!!
    .-= Mellogyrl´s last blog ..The End =-.

  4. F3MLiiCiiOUS says:


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