Futuristic Love


My soul fluctuates

At ease for a millisecond

The earth’s in tune

as its axis re-coils

The light from the sky darkens

revealing an obnoxious galaxy

It’s teeming with space,

to be fulfilled by Two

You see, our love moved the earth

It was fierce and at times unkind

creating UFO’s in our mind

Your heart was the ocean

and mine was the sky

When we came together

there was nothing but beats

Yours and mine

Makes me wonder when the ocean stopped kissing the sky goodnight

Color me blind


that your insecurities

were like headlights

on a dark lonely night




One Response to “Futuristic Love”
  1. Kelly says:

    I can see the exploding colors of the galaxy in my minds eye while reading this. Your poetry evokes visual play in my mind.

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