Gone But Not Forgotten

RacehorseCharlieMy mom’s oldest brother was my favorite uncle. He passed away a few weeks ago from complications of an inoperable tumor. Although he was sick for some time his death was sudden. He had so much good left in him to share with others, but I know he’s in a peaceful place now. He left behind my aunt Diane, brothers and sisters, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles. He had no children. Throughout everything, my mom has been surprisingly strong, but seeing her pain as she quietly cried at the service was particularly hard to witness.

When my mom told me my uncle passed I knew the realization that he was was gone was something she wouldn’t have to struggle with. We knew he was sick, but not the extent of his illness. We didn’t get to see him before he died, however mom talked to him on the phone for as long as he could muster just a few days before his passing. He made sure she knew how much he loved her and a few days later he was gone. I was so sad, but I knew that my sorrow couldn’t compare to how mom must have been feeling.

My uncle was a very gentle man with a deep seated spirit that centered around helping those in need. He reminded me so much of my grandmother with his sensitivity and kindness. He was quiet yet forceful and as a doctor he dedicated his life to helping others and assisting them in making important decisions about their well being. He devoted his livelihood to making a positive impact on peoples lives.  

His passing, coupled with reconnecting with my moms side of the family while at his memorial, has given me renewed resolve.  To live and love more than I have previously is a concerted effort I am gladly making. I tell my brothers and sisters just how much I care about them. I take five minutes out of my day to embrace my sappy side. More complementing, less criticizing, and lots of hugs and kisses passed around. You just never know when you’ll get to do those things again, so life has taken on a slightly altered meaning. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

I wrote this poem in honor of my uncle.

In Loving Memory: Milton David Watkins M.D. (1950-2009)

 Love Never Dies

We hold a gem in our hearts

And think of him with love today

But that is nothing new

Kind – loving  – generous

Playful and adventurous

He was full of laughter

With a spirit fun-filled

And that’s the way we’ll always remember

Dear uncle Milton

On the day you changed our family’s life

A 9-year-old’s heart swelled with pride

I never got to tell you that

You became my hero for life

Thank you for sending that white butterfly our way

You’re resting in peace with grandma now

Your body is gone but your spirit lives on

Strong while alive you spread your wings wide

And touched each and every one of us

Until the day we cross over too

Family won’t be complete

Although your bright light shines no more

We wish you the sweetest adieu

For with every tear shed

And every smile shared

We take this moment

To honor you

image by Rach




5 Responses to “Gone But Not Forgotten”
  1. Tami says:

    i am sorry to hear about your uncle. death is just so, permanent. i know its hard, i am still coping with my mother's death…she passed 8 years ago.

    that is a beautiful poem…you gonna make me cry over here!

    i am convinced people live on in our hearts because we are better off because they were here…that's their legacy.
    .-= Tami´s last blog ..Like Attracts Like =-.

  2. Mellogyrl says:

    Such a beautiful poem, for a beautiful person!
    Accept my condolences hun!!
    And you are right his spirit lives on! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this and your new resolve!!
    For indeed we are not promised tomorrow!!!
    .-= Mellogyrl´s last blog ..“I suck” =-.

  3. laurynx says:

    I’m very sorry to hear about your uncle’s passing. That was a wonderful poem, and you’re right tomorrow definitely isn’t promised.
    .-= laurynx´s last blog ..X-Posted: Sex is NOT a four letter word! =-.

  4. vanessa says:

    i am a bit late with this comment, and i hope you and your family are doing well. you know i know first hand about losing someone special… and the void they leave behind… your uncle sounds like he was an amazing man…and your tribute to him brought tears to my eyes. cherish the many memories you had with him and pass on the many lessons he taught you.. *hugs*
    .-= vanessa´s last blog ..dirty… =-.

  5. Knowledge says:

    Thanks a lot; I really appreciate all the warm sentiments.

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