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ibleedink-copy-300x189I Bleed Ink is an online magazine celebrating the literary and artistic talents of the LGBTQ community. We are in need of submissions for our targeted launch date of November 1, 2009.
Please submit your literary submissions as a MS Word attachment. Submissions must be original works with rights held and retained by the contributer. There are no length requirements, however, longer works of fiction may be separated into multiple posts. Submissions with an overabundance of spelling and grammar errors will not be published.
Art submissions should be submitted as clear, high resolution jpegs or gifs. This includes photography, paintings, or line drawings.
If you are a performer, such as a Spoken Word artist and you would like to submit your work, please send links to your video performances.

Let’s support, celebrate and encourage the creative minds that keep the minds of the LGBTQ community stimulated. Send your contributions to submissions@i-bleed-ink.com. Keep up with what’s happening with the magazine by adding them to your twitter. Spread the word!

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