The Invention of Lying

invention-of-lying3-copyThe Invention of Lying is a movie with two edges, one dull and one sharp. Ricky Gervais and Jennifer Garner make an odd couple who are almost too opposite for any attraction. The premise of the movie is that everyone tells the truth. There is nothing else to do and if you
have ever said aloud something that you were just thinking then you can understand this movie. When the waiter comes to the table, during Gervais and Garner’s first date, he tells Gervais that he is in way over his head and this girl is too good for him, she agrees. The
waiter then asks Garner, “If I ask for your Number will you give it to me? Hesitation, no she says” and that is a flavor of how this world works, everyone says what he or she think and they are very blunt.

The movie is slow and I almost left, then Gervais goes to see his mother, who is dying, in the hospital. The hospital staff have told him that she should be the next one to die. He is upset and sits with his mother to console her during her final hours. When she tells him how afraid she is to go into the black obis he wants to say something and he thinks and thinks and then he says, “Mom, it is not a black obis but a beautiful place where you will be with all your friends”. He continues, “Everyone will be given a mansion and it will be beautiful and you will be with all of your family that has died”. His mother smiles and dies…..Behind him are 4 or 5 hospital staff that have heard everything he said and want to know more. Please tell us about the mansions and what else will be there when we die.

He escaped the hospital room by the does not get free from his comments. People find out that there is hope for after you die and go to his apartment building and hold an all night candle light vigil. He finely comes up with the meat of the film the reason to stay and watch the beginning of religion. The phrase that I am using from the movie is “The Man In The Sky”. Gervais tells the people that there is a man in the sky and he told Gervais all of this stuff. At one point the
people love the man in the sky, then they turn on him “Fuck the Man in the Sky” was the cry of the crowd. Then after more talking and explanations they accept the man in the sky and the story that we all know of another “Man in the Sky” goes on to become more fact than fiction because they still don’t know how to lie.

The best catch phrase I have heard in a long time “The Man in the Sky said” ranks right up there with “Do you have your towel” from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

John Drew





3 Responses to “The Invention of Lying”
  1. asia says:

    Ok I may go see it when I get a minute

  2. Kelly says:

    Looking forward to seeing this. I have heard so much about it lately!

  3. Andre says:

    I love when they said
    "Fuck the man in the sky"
    "yeah we have to stop this bastard before he kill us all!!"

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