Hard Candy Calendar Update Plus

The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show is coming. Check out some video previews over at Black Gay Gossip’s entertainment blog.

hardcandyThe Hard Candy Calendar Update  From the photographer/designers own pen:

The calendar is almost done. I’ve been hard at work trying to finalize everything. It won’t be long now.

That’s what she said. I’m definitely looking forward to the calendar’s completion. I’m gazing at the 2009 calendar right now and it’s looking bleak not having a 2010 version to replace it with. Please head over to the website to check out the new promo shots. There’s a new one of Kuni and I.

A Semenya Caster update: The Mail and Guardian’s website published a report by Harold Adams, ASA’s team doctor at the IAAF Championships in Berlin, claiming Leonard Chuene had reversed a decision to withdraw Caster Semenya from the 800m event after consulting senior ANC politicians.

This is probably bad news for Leonard Chuene if the reports are true. There is however dissension in the ranks. I’ll be following this story.




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  1. Azaan says:

    Now Thats Hotttt

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