You Can’t Pray Away The Gay

2007_10_23_barack_obama_mcclurkin2Being sexually assaulted doesn’t mean you are or will become, gay. Donnie McClurkin asserts that a sexual assault he experienced at the age of 8 has played a crucial role in shaping his past sexual attraction to men. What happened to him as a child was terrible, but I contend that nothing that happens to you can make you gay or straight. It looks like McClurkin is still dealing with serious internal demons, yet he continues to preach from the pulpit. He goes on to blame his father’s absence and lack of affection on his prior inability to understand how to show meaningful love as a man. That, I agree with. The rest was religious fodder for a spiritually starved flock. What he delivered was a bigoted message. Being gay = being cursed? Ok. I don’t have any problem with McClurkin giving his personal testimony or preaching the way he desires to his congregation, but when he addresses gay youth and butch lesbians in an attempt to paint us as evil he takes hypocrisy and idiocy to varying levels each significantly higher than before.

In the first video he sets his sights on openly gay singer and preacher, Tonex. I smell a sin and it’s middle name is jealousy. He does however go on to express the “love the sinner, hate the sin” creed when it came to expressing his distaste with Tonex’s openness, but not before calling him a straight up “perversion”. Interestingly he didn’t have anything to say about Tonex until he came out in September 2009. Something else I’ve noticed as of late is how the “ex-gay” label is becoming somewhat of a hot commodity. What’s with the notoriety that certain ex-gays attain? Homosexuality is already demonized in practically every facet of life, yet it’s detestability is enough to be overlooked as long as you come out of it. You’re almost guaranteed a certain “celebrity” status and you’re granted a “come out of the closet for free” card as long as you espouse and denounce homosexuality. It reminds me of theblack guy who was asked to sit in the front row of one of John McCain’s town hall meetings on the campaign trail. One black man in a room full of conservatives plus one Sarah Palin. He was the black guy who begged McCain to step up the negative attacks on Pres. Obama. Yes, he begged, but I digress because the analogyisn’t fair at all. To be an ex-gay in Church is like being an newly conservative ex-liberal in a room full of rabid conservatives. 

Oh, you were an alcoholic, crack-head, wife beating, drug dealer? Yeah, well, we’ve got an ex-gay in the house. Next.
The problem I have with this is if McClurkin is so content, why not live a humble life of obscurity out of the lime light. Or, stay in it and do what made you famous in the first place, but whatever you do, stop harming gay youth! Tell your story, but don’t tell others their story. He knows better than anyone that hiding in the black church is a full time job, but he doesn’t have to hide anymore so he’s removed from it. As long as he’s speaking out against homosexuality while struggling with attraction to men,  he’s okay within the black church because he’s telling them what they want to hear. He should know all too well that closeted Christian gays and lesbians who feel trapped need unconditional love so badly. How do you go from singing God’s praises to berating the vulnerable? McClurkinhas a large, black, Christian, socially conservative (when it suits their purposes) support system that is almost impenetrable. His fan following from his singing, his congregation, priests and pastor colleagues and a growing list of Christian and non-Christian proponents make up a variety of Christian denominations who lend their support to Donnie McClurkin. To most gays he has become the side show attraction of the black church, drawing the suspecting and unsuspecting masses deeper into a reality that is all his own, and stirring an already boiling over pot. How long will it last? His rants seem to come and go in yearly spurts and he hasn’t toned down the rhetoric one bit, instead it’s been amped up considerably. The emotional baggage his sermons project is daunting and when you consider the psychological dysfunction within the messages, and the fact that he has such a widely accepting following, it causes me to take pause. What I see is a man that may no longer act upon his sexual desire, but has he really changed his orientation? I’ll keep my gay-dar to myself.

He had this to say about lesbians, “These young girls are just as bad as the boys in homosexuality, you don’t see it. They can hide … but there are some evil young hard butch girls.”

Not to worry femmes. You ladies aren’t butch enough to make the evil list, and besides, the butches haven’t converted you yet. Watch out now! Donnie is spouting a dangerous form of hypocrisy and vitriol which seems to relate a message of self-hate. Where is the love? I don’t blame Donnie for doing what he needs to make himself feel better inside, reach millions, and amass a small fortune in the process. In the same sense, don’t blame people who rant against what they consider hypocrisy, spewed by those who cloak themselves in shrouds of “holier than thou-ness“, secrecy and hysterical gibberish. I, for one, have no desire to be rejected by the one place I should feel love whenever I step through the door; for God is love. 







12 Responses to “You Can’t Pray Away The Gay”
  1. DeDe Deylnn says:

    What's sad is to see so many people in the audience looking at him like he is their savior believing anything he says instead of looking to their own hearts. That really is sad and frightening and goes to show the power of the word. I went to a really well known church here in Chicago (you know the big BIG ones) and they were blasting out stuff about "the white man this, the white man that, gay sinner this, gay sinner that) You can bet I never went back. Hate has no place in a church. On a funnier note, the "evil young hard butch girls" made me laugh. A little roughness never hurt anyone. *chuckles* If you get my drift. (oh my mind….)
    .-= DeDe Deylnn´s last blog ..::Licentious Languidly:: =-.

  2. Rie says:

    I’ve always had the question, “if God is a loving god, how can he turn his back on me because I’m a lesbian?” That never made sense to me. People look to their pastors and church leaders for guidance. How can I come to you if you’re standing in the pulpit on Sundays telling me how perverse and vile I am and what an abomination I am? This is such a sad world that we live in. We can only hope that one day it gets better. It may not happen in our lifetime, but maybe one day.

  3. omi says:

    i think this is my favorite of all the commentary i’ve heard on this. well said. bless.

  4. Spring says:

    I have learned that Mother/Father God is Love, and She loves us all…including Donny and even Limbaugh…plain and simple. Humans preaching their insecurities either in the pulpit, the government or wherever…are all "separated" from their Divine Self. Mother/Father God MADE me and if She's okay with me being gay…I personally care not what anyone thinks. By reading the 4 Agreements I understand that the "dream of this planet" is based in fear — collectively. Its going to be real funny when Donny, Limbaugh, hell the KKK realize…we're all freakin related…haha! AND that we get to choose how we want to "express" on this plain. They waste their time being afraid of the thing they want to embrace…come outta the closet you guys…the big "sin" aint lying to your congregations…its lying to yourselves. Just my buck fifty…with inflation and all. When these religious folks realize God dwells within and NOT outside of us…well, doesnt the responsibility of the World shift then…it will be a totally amazing thing when that happens. But most want to be led around…just like "sheep"…hahaha! Religion is truly the opium of the masses…they are high on some shit and fuckin up in the process. Im cool with and well…that makes MY Life good…hopefully Donny will get what he needs one day to stop spouting all the hate in the name of God…cause She aint said none of the shit they dealing and when She comes for an accounting…I'll have Love overflowing from my account…some may have to show Her their NSF logo…hahaha!

  5. LaurynX says:

    Oh I’ve been reading some lively commentary on this (Rod2.0, etc). What kills me is that this was an address to a youth congregation. I draw the line there. Oh and he kills me ” you don’t see it. They [girls/women] can hide.” Anymore than gay boys? How so? I think HE doesn’t see it cause he was never checkin’ for women to begin with…but whatever.
    .-= LaurynX´s last blog ..So Where Was I… =-.

  6. Mellogyrl says:

    This is crazy that he is using the church to preach hate!!!
    I'm sad n sorry that he doesn't know any better!!!
    Does he not realize that God is a loving God!!
    Anyway…God is good n God is love!!!
    .-= Mellogyrl´s last blog ..Just Because =-.

  7. Tami says:

    certainly, putting others down is what he does to make himself feel better. sad to see a grown man hiding behind the Bible because he can admit who he really is.
    .-= Tami´s last blog ..What Say You? Social Sites and Relationships =-.

  8. bfears says:

    he is setting us back 100 years. smh when will the church learn?
    .-= bfears´s last blog ..whats on my mind right now =-.

  9. Electric Guitars For Kids says:

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  10. meri says:

    God IS a loving God…..and the entity that God is, would never turn a back to you.
    It’s PEOPLE who judge, criticize, and condemn. It’s all part of the human condition….
    But God isn’t human….so people tend to forget that God doesn’t think like them.
    That’s why we have to BE WHO WE ARE, open the eyes of this society, encourage acceptance…..It’s the ones who are different that are breaking the chains that hold our society back from enlightenment.

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