Loves Consolation

Forbidden Lust By SilkRoses

With eyes half-wide and lucid
ulterior motives entice
mind won’t shut up
with wry smile and vacillating lips
a cock-eyed counterclockwise disguise persists
despite fiercely contested dismissive attempts
I sway
dark in the shadow of my density
a spot on moonlit night
ripples wave intensely
eyes pierce through like fright
dark against white, basking in onyx
and soon the tide carries
swaying in and out of shadows
calculating times disintegration
disposing conscious thought
freeing anarchy from its haven
our souls dived first sought
minds opened further wide
like life reversed in stride
skin trembling the more I inch
closer still to quivering flesh
alas come hurried gasps
under lying the pantyless 
it’s easy to fill inside
with such sweet surrender
swaying and bending her
in some frenzied dance
amidst lips mashed
sucking and thrusting
tongue plunged deep
culminating in cries
mounted we creep
without regard
we cohabit  inward
transcending trembling thighs
burying lies in bed sheets
jostling as I go deep
through unsullied extremities
pussy in such disarray
reticently pulsing directly beneath
admitting defeat ’cause it’s difficult
to contain a shuddering climax
afore intrepid consequences be faced
when lovers discover
heart and minds left a gape
no longer broadened horizons
pointing onward with clarity adorned
all starry eyed from forsaking known galaxies
’cause seduction ain’t sweet no more
consolations meaning less 
’cause hurt really don’t console
it floats on empty words
lacking a significance purposeful 
as if one didn’t already know
I had you at “I’ll give you the feeling of longing for more.”




One Response to “Loves Consolation”
  1. Mellogyrl says:

    Wonderful, i just love it!!!
    Strange enough for me the outline/shape of this piece, i like….
    .-= Mellogyrl´s last blog ..As I see it… =-.

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